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Added 5/24/17    831 views

Ludella Hahn is walking through a nature preserve reading a book on endangered wildlife. She isn't paying enough attention to her surroundings and steps into some mud. As she sinks lower she wonders if she is in quicksand and checks her book for info...
Crime Doesn't Pay
Added 2/23/17    2268 views

Amy and Kristen Jeanne have just robbed a bank. They are escaping through the woods, but Amy has a more nefarious purpose--to lead Kristen into a quicksand pit, where she'll sink, leaving Amy with all the money. Unfortunately for Amy, Kristen is able...
Bound For Quicksand #4
Added 1/25/17    1541 views

Eddie Paradise is trying to escape, hands bound, in a marsh. Unfortunately, she falls into quicksand--at first, she only finds it annoying getting covered in mud, but as she sinks deeper and deeper, her worry grows. She sinks beneath the surface, des...
The Quicksand Test Part 3
Added 12/21/16    2332 views

Leila has just tricked her boss into sinking in quicksand so she could steal her job. But as Leila starts to walk out of the woods she realizes she made one big mistake. She forgot to take her boss's key card before getting her in the quicksand. Leil...
Curse of the Three Pirates Part 3
Added 12/16/16    2074 views

Ludella Hahn has gotten cocky now that she has gotten rid of her competition and is the pirate captain. She is ready to leave the quicksand pit but first has to get her one stuck leg out that slid into the pit when she was tricking Erin. It seems Lud...
Curse of the 3 Pirates Part 2
Added 12/14/16    2101 views

Ludella makes Erin get the Captain's pirate hat out of the quicksand. What Erin doesn't realize is this is just a trick to get rid of her. Ludella holds on to Erin's hand as Erin slowly enter the clay trying to get to the hat. To get it she has to go...
The Curse of the 3 Pirates Part 1
Added 12/12/16    2424 views

Ludella and Erin have decided to get rid of their pirate captain, so they tie her up and force her into a pit of quicksand. Cordelia curses both pirates as she sinks under. There are some silly out-takes at the end and a quick shot of Cordelia coming...
The Botanists
Added 12/8/16    2255 views

Mallory Page and Danielle Trixie are looking for some rare orchids. They get lost and Danielle stumbles into muddy quicksand. Mallory rescues her, but when Mallory herself falls into the mud, Danielle leaves her to sink under the quicksand. Wandering...
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Stuck While Masturbating
Added 12/2/16    2777 views

Leila Hazlett has 10 lbs of melted gummy bears that she is very excited to get messy with. She starts off by spreading some of the sticky liquid on the ground and puts her feet in it. She slowly spreads it over her body starting with her legs and mov...
2 files
Dixie Comet Stuck In Glue
Added 11/27/16    1491 views

Miss Dixie Comet backs up into a glue trap trying to avoid a villain. Wearing only a dark pair of pantyhose, Dixie tries to pull her feet free of the super sticky glue, but no matter how hard she tries, the glue holds her fast. In Part 2, Miss Dixie...
Added 11/10/16    3037 views

Tara Tied has convinced Leila Hazlett that there is something very important she needs to see. Leila reluctantly follows Tara along a river while complaining about having to get her heels wet in the process. Leila briefly gets her leg stuck in some m...
The Case Of The Missing Jewels
Added 11/4/16    2207 views

In this fantasy scene Leila plays a detective who is helping the police find some stolen jewelry. After checking out the evidence she decided to go looking in a local swamp. She sees a small bag sitting on top of the mud near the water but when she t...
Stuck In A Muddy River
Added 10/28/16    2041 views

Elana Bohemia is sunbathing barefoot in her bikini near a river. After a little bit she decides to get up and stretch and notices her friend's lost dog across the river. She calls out to the dog but realizes if she is going to catch it she needs to g...
Glue Prank #2
Added 10/26/16    1295 views

Sarah Michelle is jealous of her roommate, Deanna Deadly, so, while Deanna sleeps, Sarah sticks her feet into a big tub of glue, then leaves. When Deanna wakes up, she finds her feet stuck--and when she tries to get them free, her hands also get stuc...
Sable Mouvant
Added 10/21/16    2755 views

Magali is looking for her lost pet in a nearby marsh. She finds the going difficult, with lots of mud pulling at her boots. She falls in a thigh-deep mud hole, struggles, and gets out. Then she falls into a deeper mud hole, sinking all the way up to...
Glue Trap #8 Part 2
Added 10/17/16    1404 views

In Part 2, Tara Tied has fallen down and gotten her hand, and legs stuck in the rat trap glue. First, Tara tries pulling her hand free, then her legs. Frustrated, she tries harder, but to no avail. In the end, the video fades to black, with Tara stil...
Glue Trap #8 Part 1
Added 10/16/16    1325 views

Tara Tied is trying to escape a villain, when she accidentally steps into a glue trap, wearing nothing but a pair of dark pantyhose. Her feet are instantly stuck, and despite her struggling, she can not pull them free.
Wandering Off
Added 10/15/16    3111 views

Aimee Manson is not at all interested in learning about nature on her school field trip so she decides to wander off on her own. Too bad she never learned about the quicksand in the area. While she walks deeper into the woods she walks right into a s...
Buried In Cement # 7
Added 10/14/16    2498 views

Erin Sennett and Sarah Michelle are having a slumber party in satin PJ's. While chatting and sucking on lollipops Erin confesses to having hooked up with Sarah's boyfriend. Sarah decides to get revenge...suddenly Erin finds herself tied up in a large...
The Lost Cheerleader
Added 10/2/16    2381 views

Violet Stone plays a cheerleader, who is taking a shortcut through the woods, despite warnings not to. She stumbles into quicksand, and despite her struggles, is unable to free herself. Submersion. This is Not an HD video.
Leila Stuck at the Shoot
Added 10/1/16    10333 views

53.96 MB
Leila Hazlett plays a model who is fleeing a devious photographer. She backs up and steps into a sticky, gluey mess--first with her left foot, and then with her right foot. Despite her struggles, she can not free herself from the sticky glue. She...
The Blue Dress: Screen Test
Added 10/1/16    19262 views

In this screen test shoot, Leila Hazlett pretends to be a damsel sinking in quicksand--in this case, the shallow, brown, creamy clay of didvp's first indoor set. Leila is playful at first, dipping one leg, then both into the clay. She then sinks fr...
Fun with Chocolate Cake Batter #1
Added 10/1/16    13664 views

30.37 MB
The video starts with a short segment with Nina mixing the chocolate cake batter and talking to the camera, saying how much she is looking forward to this, her first messy scene. The remainder of the video takes place in a bathroom set with Leila we...
Betrayed: Part 2, Chapter 1: Leila's Story
Added 10/1/16    9407 views

Leila pursues Sarah into the marsh, hoping to confront the woman who cheated with her husband. Leila finds the pursuit difficult, as the marsh mud is thick and difficult to walk through. She accidentally steps in a spot that is nearly knee deep and...
Sinking In Leather and Satin
Added 10/1/16    2636 views

Ludella Hahn and Leila Hazlett--dressed in black leather skirts, satin blouses, stockings and heels--are lost in the jungle. Ludella accidentally steps into quicksand and slowly begins to seek. When Leila catches up, Ludella is waist deep. A rescue i...
Glue Prank Gone Wronge
Added 9/30/16    1655 views

Sarah Michelle is jealous of her roommate, Nyxon, so she fills a tub full of super glue and then places the sleeping Nyxon's feet in the glue and accidentally get's her own hand stuck. Nyxon wakes up and is is pissed off--the two roommates fight whil...
Quicksand Explorers 2012, Part 1
Added 9/26/16    9588 views

9.57 MB
Five models--Sara Liz, Elana Bohemia, Leila Hazlett, Sarah Michelle and Sateen Dubois--are exploring real quicksand located along a creek. Each model is wearing jeans/pants and a tight halter top (no bra). In part one, Leila leads the way into the...
Quicksand Explorers 2012, Part 2
Added 9/26/16    9001 views

10.52 MB
In Part 2, Leila Hazlett, Sarah Michelle, Elana Bohemia, Sateen Dubois and Sara Liz explore another spot containing quicksand. The models are wearing halter/tank tops and jeans. Again, the models enter the quicksand one by one, led by Leila, who ge...
School Girls' Prank
Added 9/19/16    14999 views

10.78 MB
Three sexy school girls--Leila Hazlett, Elana Bohemia and Xelle, dressed in ultra short skirts, pantyhose/leggings and heels, have wandered off into the woods during a school outing. Near the edge of a mud pit, they get into an argument, with Elana...
The Glue Trap #5 Part 3
Added 9/18/16    2332 views

Ludella Hahn has now fallen right into the glue trap getting her hands, feet and ass stuck to the floor. She wiggles around trying to pull herself out but doesn't get very far. The glue is too sticky and pulls on her tights as she tries to move. The...

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