Pink Panties in the Mud
Produced by trashed.
Starring the following model:
Another blessed warm day that I get to go out and roll around in the dirt and mud. It was particularly hot out and I couldn't wait to feel the cool mud on every inch of my skin! I wore a brand new pair of bright pink boyshorts panties from Goodwill. They were pretty. They were my fave. They lasted 5 hours. I went out and had some fun trying to sink. I had found a particularly soft and creamy spot in the mud. It felt so good on my tits and my pussy. I turn around and peel my panties off to give you a good shot of my still clean cheeks. I keep reaching under the mud to smear and rub it over my pussy. I lay on my back and pleasure myself, rubbing my clit and my hood piercing so you a full view of my muddy crease! I get very close to cumming and then I cut the camera. No head dunks, just me pleasuring myself in the middle of the woods. It was outrageously fun.

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Watching her pant and writhe in the mud was fantastic, skin smeared, every nerve ending electrified and soothed and electrified again. And she's super-sexy, which helps. Buy it buy it. chintimin, 8/7/18
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User comments
From Man67  12/15/18
Such a fat ass, wish I was in the beautiful mud with you
From BigSam  10/5/18
Looks like you found the perfect spot!
From Billsinkers  9/28/18
I'd love to see you return to this mudhole naked, and just walk into it. Sink in as far as you can before you sink yourself completely below the surface. Come up and begin a slow sensuous wallow. Do you ever wear rubber boots in the mud. I'd love to see you here in rubber riding boots wading and getting really stuck with your mud filled boots weighting you down.
From MSMystique  9/11/18
Perfect fun.
From muddyfeet  8/5/18
From QSHun  7/30/18
Woww, a really hot, and sensual sinking/mudbath, thank you for sharing with us!
From aussiemudd  7/30/18
Wow !!!!! Amy you are amazing . Love those bright pink boyleg panties. Especially when slip them off to expose you hot sexy muddy butt. I've always love your ig boobs and love seeing them covered in mud . Awesome trailer
From Mowgli9179  7/26/18
God damn so sexy she looks sexy in that mud. and the away she she moves her body in that mud and the way her beautiful breasts. and the way she pleasured her self was so sexy.
From Regal5150  7/25/18
Wish I could find mud like that near me
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