First Quarry Trip of the Summer
Produced by trashed.
Starring the following model:
It's my first quarry trip of the season! We've had a very slow start to our summer here in Seattle, so when we got an 80 degree day, I jumped on it! I went out by myself and crawled through some prickly vines and set up my camera. I filmed just after I was sure the workers were gone. I wore a blue pair of panties and a blue bra as I first got into the mud. I sank pretty fast and you can hear me struggling through the thickest parts. The mud felt amazing on my body so I quickly ditched the bra and panties. I was so horny, I started humping the mud. I turn around and you get a nice view of my muddy behind. I do some head dunks and smear big handfuls of mud over my face and hair. Unfortunately the first head dunk is slightly offscreen. But I had lots of fun and I went home with dead bugs in my hair and cuts everywhere from the blackberries! It was hard to wash off this time and I was in a hurry so I drove home with lots of mud caked in my hair!

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"Great mud, gorgeous passion + realness"
By dirtdirtdirt  Saturday

Ahhhhhh! this rules so hard! SO much amazing creamy slop, and love the quaking earth quality when grabbing at the edges. love your passion for it and your whole vibe, thank you for shooting this and sharing it. :D :D :D

outdoor mud fans will also be glad to know the sound is really good--no wind blasting noise into the microphone, you get every squish and splat and breath. beautiful.

"A great scene at an excellent location"
By SydneyCarton  9 days ago

This was a very promising first mud video from boychucker. The location is excellent, and you can tell she enjoyed being in the clay. I look forward to future scenes by boychucker at this quarry.

"Wallowers of the world unite!"
By sauceboss  9 days ago

Unicorn (noun) u-ni-Corn: def: a mythical creature, something so rare that most people will never actually see one. Usage: "A beautiful woman who is into messy fun? that's a total unicorn, man."

Boychucker is that unicorn--absolutely beautiful and enchanting, and here she is totally getting off on ruining her pretty blue lingerie in some gloriusly sloppy mud. The way she looks into the camera, it's like a telepathic message: here is someone who wants to play in the mud as much as you do.

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