Pied to a Tree
From Gunge Tank Babes
Starring these models:
"Keely and Chrissy tied to a tree with 20 pies and a bucket of gunge"

Christina and Keely join Little Hayley's cake stall for what they think will be a tasting session. But things never go to plan and the girls soon realise this when they are tied up to a tree together. The girls wait in anticipatation and they have a guessing game who will be the first to do the taste test Keely is the first one who gets the pie right in the face. Christina waits nervously for her turn and soon cant wait to get messy. As pies are thrown left, right and centre their is one final surprise for the girls, yes pink gunge. Keely's pink top and jeans and Christina in her all in white outfit are completely covered so decide that the best thing to get clean is to go in the dunk tank. The girls get in the tank together trying to get each other clean.

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"Pies to the shirt? Grrrrrrrrr...."
I always thought Keely was gorgeous but I never bought anything with her because I never thought there was enough facial coverage. This clip looked promising from the pics. The first pie went right to Keely's face, great coverage. Then two pies to the shirt and one to the top of her head before I stopped the video and deleted the file. You can't tell from the pictures but they're plates of shaving cream, and they weren't smushed like pies, rather the plates were used to apply the shaving cream to the girls' shirts, hair, and I think perhaps on one occasion each, to their faces. I always feel tricked when I buy a "pie" video and the girl's shirt and hair get pied more than her face. Defeats the purpose of the whole pie fetish for me. It's not just about the coverage for me, it's about the substance and the execution. Applying shaving cream and then smearing it around is a whole different form of WAM for some of us. I'm not calling the video garbage because the girls are pretty (Keely is gorgeous) and there was a generally fun atmosphere, but it wasn't at all what I expected for a pie video and touched on my biggest WAM pet peeve: when the majority of pies go everywhere except a girl's face and when slime gets poured on a girl's shoulders and knees instead of her head. I'm sure this is perfect for some, but it totally missed the mark for me. thedude18, 11/14/15
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