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Apr 29
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applesauce, foam, lather, batter, food, lotion, peanut butter, beans
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Just a regular guy, but like my wam to be very wet & messy! Preferences include face-up submersion, head-dunking, hair-washing, nose-bubbling & girls being messed with quite obscene amounts of gunge, slime or food. I'm happy to be among like-minded enthusiasts here, to share this bizarre, wonderful, funny, sexy, silly, erotic & entertaining fetish!
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Profile Wall
Buff  12/3/16
New status: 'Wet Kacie' pics up in the Wetlook forum now...Report
Buff  12/1/16
New status: Real fab sesh with Kacie y'day. Still buzzing!Report
Buff  12/1/16
New status: Truly fab sesh with Kacie y'day. So good, still bReport
Buff  11/16/16
New status: From 1 glib comment, hoping a masterpiece may comeReport
Buff  11/16/16
New status: From 1 glib comment, hoping a Xmas masterpiece mayReport
Buff  12/2/15
New status: Hospital 2moro, so wam vids 2nite 2 try & chill...Report
Buff  11/26/15
New status: Cleaning & tidying ready 4 2moro's VIP visit!Report
Buff  11/18/15
New status: Had a dreadful day. But 2moro should make up for iReport
Buff  11/17/15
New status: 48 hours from now - can't wait!!Report
Buff  11/13/15
New status: Do not get ill now, PLEASE :-(Report
Buff  11/12/15
New status: It's going to be a long 6 days....Report
Buff  11/11/15
New status: It's going to be a long 7 days...Report
Buff  6/4/15
New status: Y'day - incredible. 2day - worst day ever.Report
piesub  6/2/15
Thanks for friending Buff, and sharing your messy adventures with us. Hope your health is on the improve. Report
Buff  6/2/15
New status: 2moro, private sesh. Life-saver after worst 4 daysReport
messyandi  5/26/15
Hell yesReport
Buff  5/22/15
New status: Waiting on what should b 2 dream wet customsReport
Buff  5/19/15
New status: Crap day at hospital. Need mess, stat....Report
Buff  5/12/15
New status: Another sleepless night, ergo, another blog...Report
Buff  5/10/15
New status: New blog, not to be sniffed at!Report
MessFunGuy  5/6/15
Congratulations. Lucky you. I guess for people like yourself your dreams do come true... for me...? Unfortunately i always miss out Report
Buff  5/5/15
New status: Just had a dream come true, feeling AWESOME!Report
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