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All scenes and photos from wamgame have now been moved to my wamtasticuk profile and store
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wamgame1  12/11/22
The scenes and photo packs from this account and the MrWam-Wamgame account are now being added to a brand new site wamtastic.co.uk. Be sure to check it out as new scenes are posted there first, and it has regular sales and discounts.Report
wamgame1  12/11/22
The Chris-mas Comes Early photo pack is currently on sale over at wamtastic.co.uk until the end of DecemberReport
wamgame1  11/5/22
I'm migrating all the content from here on Wamgame1 to my main account called W A M G A M E This account will then be closed down, so please feel free to request a friend add on the main account.Report
wamgame1  1/19/22
Four more scene-used items of clothing added to eBay - links at the top of the profileReport
wamgame1  12/9/21
As requested, Chris getting wet in a silver grey suit just re-releasedReport
wamgame1  12/7/21
Mega Bundle of Chris just released - 8 scenes with a total of 1,100 photos (not video)Report
jj7887  11/19/20
Beautiful pictures. Would love to see Alex and Lee mud in your site.Report
wamgame1  11/19/20
Started adding the old stingrayspike galleries to the store. Please note unless stated otherwise the early work was photos only, not video.Report
justinlords  3/3/20
Love your stuff! Want to see you gunge a twink's feet!Report
wamgame1  12/25/19
First teaser pix for the new Wamgame collaboration with MrWam just postedReport
custardtrunks  11/30/19
To be gunged - that is my answer Report
wamgame1  11/18/19
To gunge, or to be gunged. That is the questionReport
Wallower  11/27/18
Any more gungey uploads soon? Report
ChrisEdinburgh  12/11/17
come hereReport
messyclothes  11/10/17
any new mud pics coming out soon love all your pics mud is my favoriteReport
awolb72  8/27/17
So glad I found your profile here and on FB! Always a huge Stingrayspike fan. Love all the ripping photos especially featuring Levis jeans. Do you have any photos of past sessions with Levis getting ripped? Please do more in the future!! You will always have my support!Report
wamgame1  4/4/17
A few extra pictures added today - 13 in the wetlook album, 11 in the gunge and 1 in the mud albumReport
messyclothes  12/29/16
i love your picks. more of everything pleaseReport
wamgame1  12/28/16
30 extra photos added to the gunge album plus a few more to the wetlook album Report
Gaygunge  12/27/16
Amazing pics there mate! Cant wait for the site to go live Report
wamgame1  11/22/16
and a wet suit to the wetlook album Report
wamgame1  11/22/16
A few more photos added from the silver gunge footballer shootReport
overall  11/8/16
Amazing pics...collected your Stingrayspike albumns...Cant wait for new material!Report
Bready  10/23/16
When are you coming back for full activity ?Report
essexcruiser  10/22/16
Excellent pics - the previous Stingray Spike site was fantastic - great looking guys getting trashed/wet!!Report
Rove  5/29/16
Very sexy photos Report
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