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Its the best to roll in mud totally naked.
i have a lot of locations in austria - and looking for sombody to join - prefered female.
its just the feeling of warm mud that covers the body which makes me sometime really horny.
id also like to takes pictures and move of me in mud and if somebody wants that to jast caontact me.
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From starrflei  8/1/17
New status: Samstag und Sonntag Schlammtreffen in Wien!!!
From starrflei  7/22/17
New status: Wer hat am Sonntag(23.07) lust auf ein paar Schlammspiele?
From starrflei  7/22/17
New status: Wer hat am Sonntag lust auf ein paar Schlammspiele - Locatio
From starrflei  6/29/17
New status: today is: "world mud day"
From starrflei  6/29/17
New status: today IS: "world mud day"
From starrflei  6/24/17
New status: Sonntag 25.06.2017 wer Lust auf etwas schlammBaden?
From starrflei  9/7/16
New status: looking for somebody to play in mud on 10. and 11.
From midmimessyone  5/14/14
You have the best mud photos here......I envy you with those places you can go!
From blueslimed26  5/8/13
Thanks & thanks for the friendship!
From AnnieBody  4/28/13
What a Great muddy Mess you are! Love the photos. Looks like you really know how to have some fun! Happy to befriend you!
From Jayce  3/6/13
you won the drawing of the free video! )) congrats! choose your video and message me what you would like with your email address and i will send it promptly! thank you for reviewing our videos!
From muckyduck  1/21/13
thanks for the FR. Love your mud pictures only wish we had a place half as good as that in England
From Leila  10/23/12
Thanks for the friend request!
From Jayce  10/23/12
hey, i could not post back a comment on that pic for some reason. that was not slime....it was melted down gummi bears with a touch of karo syrup....basically throughout the set, i got more stuck and more stuck. it was really amazing at first but then.....oh dear. i am pretty sure i lost all of my body hair in that one! we had to throw every bit of everything i even TOUCHED away because i could no...
From ooo  9/11/12
thanks sweetie . how's it going?
From nakedmudlover  7/26/12
Thanks for your wonderful pics. They get me so hard!
From Candleboxxx  5/10/12
Awesome avatar!
From Isabelle Shy  5/8/12
Thank for the kind words and the FR!
From jurning  10/30/11
Danke für den FR.
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