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I have been into sploshing for as long as I can remember, my personal favourites are filled balloons in clothes and pies/foam on pvc, I am very much into sensation play and love the playful side with emphasis on the build up and tension. Messy games are great for this.

I have bought a goo-tube off a lovely UMD person, it's a tank with a timer (random, countdown or button release) and it's as awesome as you think it is! I also made a storable 50L gunge tank, there are some pictures of me in it. I am trying to figure out a way to remotely use the gunge tank during skype sessions.

I am happy to chat about kinks (wam and bdsm - I'm switchy), scenarios, building devices, everyday life, anything at all so please feel free to say hello here or on fetlife, if we get on I am ok with zoom/skype/signal chats too. If we click or I am in the mood I do roleplay (rarely) but please ask and don't just launch into things. I don't roleplay with random folks, if you try and move the conversation in that direction I will avoid it, if you continue then I will say goodbye.

I'm interested in meeting up to chat about kink or having messy fun (anything from sexual or non-sexual, sensation play, clothed, games or anything really). My fetlife has more about my kinks and general musings, feel free to add me on there.

Vanilla life: A stereotypical geek and nerd; I like board games, Sci-fi, horror. I enjoy nature and take photos when I can get out. I mostly read textbooks for my job! Music is mainly rock, metal, goth and folk. I intend to travel the UK on my motorbike to see some festivals and folks.

I am demisexual as wanting to be with someone sexually or romantically comes from connection. If it's sexual then it's normally with women because they just feel better! I do enjoy our kink though and it's a good, fun experience even if it's not done with sex in mind.

Lets see if you have read this far:
1. I do not rent out my gunge tank.
2. I do not accept strangers into my house to play with my gunge tank.
3. As per the previous paragraph, I am not up for anything sexual with men (ever) or women (until a bond is formed). This includes online role-play.
4. Emails ignoring 1-3 will be met with deliberate ignorance of your obfuscated message, or downright sarcasm to bluntness.
5. Schrodinger's hopefulness (DM's that ask about using the tank but with "lol" written after them, thus being both serious and "just a joke" until the reply shows the likelihood) are a sign of immaturity and insecurity. We will not get along.

The post that stopped me lurking all those years ago was "How to get gunge into a balloon?: any substance that acts as a liquid can be put into a balloon.
1. Put substance in a large bottle.
2. Inflate balloon.
3. Put top of balloon over top of the bottle and let go, it will stay inflated.
4. Turn upside down and let the substance fall into the balloon, hold the neck. Sometimes squeezing the bottle helps.
An average balloon hold 4 litres of liquid.

My user pic is me taken from a UK Channel 4 program "Great British Sex Survey"! https://twitter.com/Channel4/status/702987355007774721

Have fun.
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Silver_sea  6/29/23
That would be a VERY old post I think. Cheers though.Report
socialanon  6/28/23
Here from your forum post I can prolly help with your project, you could host a website and have an esp32 listen on a web socket (the esp32 would expose and electrical endpoint you can interact with)Report
Jay48  1/7/20
Hi, great profile. I love playing around with foam pies and gunge.Report
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