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Crazy, cuddly 40-something BBW with a daft sense of humour! I love shaving foam, gunge and gunge tanks, general messing about with anything sticky and sweet. Aspiring alternative model, also like to dabble in bdsm lifestyle when I can, and attend a local fetish club, where we have held a few sploshing events

Bristol Splunch #235/18/19
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messyjojo  9/6/17
New status: Splosh-tastic!!!!   Edit  Report
mud_vixen  8/27/17
love your profile honey,BDSM and custard wrestling.? great combo ( wink ) x   Edit  Report
MyPieRogative  6/20/17
Congrats on WOTD Jojo!!!!   Edit  Report
messyjojo  6/18/17
New status: Splunch & sploshing anyone?   Edit  Report
messyjojo  3/5/17
New status: It's time to think of another Splosh event, methi   Edit  Report
messyjojo  8/15/16
New status: Back to being messy - yay!   Edit  Report
Andyxpies  7/28/16
hi added on skype if ok    Edit  Report
messyjojo  4/20/16
New status: It's been too long....I need mess!   Edit  Report
wetlacesocks  4/17/16
Verrrrry beautiful    Edit  Report
Wam Fan Al  2/24/16
Jo you are one sexy lady who looks fantastic gunged up   Edit  Report
clownsnap  4/27/15
Thank you for the comments JoJo,much appreciated😁😁   Edit  Report
sweet_messy_fan  3/8/14
amazing pictures! x   Edit  Report
dboyyz  3/5/14
Very very hottttt profile pic JoJo, you look so yummy! ;-P   Edit  Report
HenryWilcox  3/5/14
Love the new profile pic    Edit  Report
clownsnap  1/18/14
Another stunning set of pics Jo,amazing, really know how to 'work' that foam girl😊😊😊   Edit  Report
gungememike  1/5/14
Love those pictures JoJo, very messy indeed!   Edit  Report
clownsnap  12/7/13
Thank you jojo for your lovely are a star Hun!!   Edit  Report
Wet Mud Oil  11/8/13
show me your tits naked in the mud   Edit  Report
OllyQueen  10/19/13
Equally lovely meeting you too Jo. Looking forward to April    Edit  Report
clownsnap  8/27/13
Belated congrats on your deserved WOTD,stunning pics looks like you loved every second of it,and rightly so.....brilliant!!   Edit  Report
dboyyz  8/25/13
Congrats on wotd JoJo so well deserved!   Edit  Report
wamTeddy  8/25/13
Congratulations on wotd two days running! - you deserve the award, what good pictures!   Edit  Report
mr_nbs  8/24/13
Congrats on wotd xxx   Edit  Report
HenryWilcox  8/24/13
Congratulations on WOTD!   Edit  Report
CandyCustard  8/24/13
Yay for WotD! xxx mwah xxx   Edit  Report
messychef86  7/12/13
wow stunning pics its good to mix bdsm and wam x   Edit  Report
clownsnap  5/13/13
Thank you for the lovely comments are a real gem!!xx   Edit  Report
AMW36  3/5/13
Hey sexy! Hope you're having a great day! MWAH! Xoxo   Edit  Report
wamnovice  2/1/13
Thanks for adding me Has anybody ever told you - you have a body to pie for   Edit  Report
joker135  11/13/12
I would love to pie u jojo   Edit  Report
oilslick  9/16/12
Glad to hear you got messy    Edit  Report
NastyGunge  8/13/12
Damn, I can't "like" a status.   Edit  Report
26WAMGAL  6/19/12
great pics Jojo, looking forward to seeing more of your stuff. Maybe more experimenting with savoury too? haha   Edit  Report
mr_nbs  5/31/12
congratulations on WotD   Edit  Report
scousewam  5/31/12
Congrats on being WOTD!! xx   Edit  Report
MessyMaddie92  5/31/12
well done jojo hope there is many more to come    Edit  Report
clownsnap  5/31/12
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss!!!!.....Congratulations on WOTD JoJo....about bloody time Hun,throughly deserved!!!   Edit  Report
clownsnap  5/7/12
Thank You so much for all your support and lovely are amazing JoJo!!xx   Edit  Report
clownsnap  5/5/12
Hey JoJo....Love everything that you do on here,amazing pics and conversation...keep those pies flying Hun!!   Edit  Report
clownsnap  5/2/12
Good luck JoJo....hope You have a brilliant messy time!!!   Edit  Report
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