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I'm 37, 5'11" Vietnamese Norwegian. I am turned on by things that the average person might find strange. I cum the best if I close my eyes and visualize certain scenarios. I know that I have a fetish because all it takes is a picture or even thinking about a messy scenario too hard and I get so ridiculously turned on that I have to find the nearest exit and go masturbate. I fantasize about rolling in puddles or filthy-looking places. I used to stare out at the vast soybean fields filed with black, shiny mud when I was a kid and wanted to play out there so badly, but it was so shameful to want that, I wouldn't even let myself even think about it. I would masturbate to pictures and then feel bad about it and soon sex and cumming and the pictures all went hand in hand and now they're all the same thing. For lots of years, when I'd fuck, I'd have to be face down in the pillow, thinking about what I need to think about to cum. I started being able to talk to others about what gets me off at age 26, but it's still embarrassing in lots of cases. Pretty much since I "came out of the wam closet" I don't really give a fuck about anything. Shame is for married old people. I love to get completely covered in mud, slime, pies, whatever you've got, as long as it's slippery. If I could spend one day as a man, I'd fuck myself so I could feel how hard I cum. The pulsing and constricting I feel inside even thinking about wam is outrageous. I literally get dizzy and see stars without even touching myself! I would never want to be humiliated publicly, but I often masturbate thinking about it. My profile used to be more explicit, but they forced me to tone it down. I must say that while I often read all of my messages, I don't usually respond right away, mostly because I'm a busy mom. I'm now available for custom videos. Send me your email address to negotiate prices. I'll do anything within reason. I'm also taking special requests for things you'd like to see incorporated into my videos. But if it's not my style, I probably won't add it to my store. I do my stuff on the fly whenever the opportunity arises. I don't have professional equipment, in fact I've used duct tape to hold my phone to the tripod for all my shoots this year! How's that for amateur?

I would like to urge you to please boycott Amazon. They have destroyed Seattle and displaced the entire population of my city. I myself have been forced to move 5 times in 6 years. They are an evil machine that is causing an astronomical amount of folks to become homeless. Jeff Bezos doesn't care about you. He wants to own you. And he will someday.
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Pink Panties in the Mud
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13 days ago
First Quarry Trip of the Summer
16 days ago
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Lost Cell Phone Video #2
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From boychucker  4 hours ago
New Pink Panties trailer
From Artist  11 days ago
WOD... nearly every day. congrats. ;)
From pieme55  14 days ago
Congrats on WOD!
From rynashe  15 days ago
You are awesome!
From Piethro2  17 days ago
Congrats on Very well deserved WOTD !!!!!!
From jurning  17 days ago
Congrats being WOTD !!!
From OKWam  17 days ago
Hope had a HAPPY birthday.. Sure looks like you did. Love your style. Wish could've helped you to celebrate
From boychucker  18 days ago
My birthday video is finally out today!
From Artist  20 days ago
happy birthday - belated ;)
From 44DaveF  24 days ago
From OKWam  24 days ago
Happy birthday to you. Have fun in the sun.. Get laid in the cake.
From AlysTX  24 days ago
A very happy birthday to you!
From boychucker  6/16/18
Videos now up for sale!
From boychucker  6/15/18
Check out my new videos, out tomorrow!
From boychucker  6/7/18
Planning a birthday video with... cake!
From OKWam  5/31/18
Love the new avatar.. Think the rank system dont do you justice.. Cuz damn you look good, makes me wish was living in Seattle too..
From InspectorJenks  5/26/18
wow, those are some awesome photos
From boychucker  5/2/18
So horny, it hurts
From jurning  4/12/18
Love the new profile picture. No problem with the cake smashing.
From boychucker  4/4/18
I want a cake smashed in my face
From boychucker  4/3/18
You were right! I couldn't see shit!
From OKWam  4/3/18
Love the new gallery.. Awesome pics. Once your face was messed up was there ANY point you could see? Would've loved to been there with you. Some the best and my favorite ways to play with mess
From boychucker  2/26/18
Just found out I can squirt!
From CutiePie  2/3/18
You are fantastic! I think I just officially became a fan of you and your messes.
From boychucker  1/7/18
New status: More lube, please
From Artist  12/20/17
simply love your art ;)
From thedude18  12/7/17
New uploads are f@cking amazing! Thank you!
From MessyWeeb  11/25/16
Thanks for accepting my friend request!
From thedriver  11/23/16
I really like your profile pic. I wish I'd been the one who took this pic.
From 44DaveF  11/21/16
Nice profile pic! You look soooo good with a pie on your face *_* !
From Infi  8/16/16
WOW I hadn't even gone through my friend requests in ages, go me ;-; Thank you very much!! I love the pics you've posted too
From boychucker  8/14/16
New status: The grass was wet, I rolled with you...
From Piethro2  7/23/16
Great Video !! Congrats on well deserved WOTD !!!
From boychucker  7/22/16
New status: Just added a short video! It should be up soon!
From   7/20/16
Congratulations on being WOTD!!
From MuddyAlex  6/10/16
Your muddy pics are awsome!!!!
From SplatBoy  6/10/16
You've got a sweet gallery, boychucker!
From Piethro2  5/27/16
Great new pics in your album Thanks for posting !!
From MessyJC  5/26/16
Great to see another lady here, with awesome WAM pictures. Thanks for sharing!
From cris154  5/23/16
Wow your photo's are Great.
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