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12 years
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Sep 8
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Chat with friends, roleplay with others, and find others interested in meeting up
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43 year old gay guy into getting messy and messing around with others.
Been at it a few years met some great guys, and some not so great too.

Wanna meet more

If you wanna know more get in touch.

I would like to chat to more wammers that are into clowning.

Mess me about once, that's your problem. Do it a second time, it's mine! - I've also started regularly clearing out my "ahem"'friends list. If you want to waste someone's time, money or feelings. Go somewhere else!
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Profile Wall
pie_guy_uk  8/13/22
New pics up. Report
FSBillie  6/20/22
Thanks for the Report
pie_guy_uk  3/1/22
New pics posted 02/03/22Report
Navy  11/2/21
Love to be dragged in that deep mud by my tie knot and pushed under getting my whole uniform filthy inside and outReport
pie_guy_uk  8/21/21
New pics are up 22/08Report
pie_guy_uk  8/21/21
Some new pics coming soon.Report
pie_guy_uk  8/1/21
Arranging some sessions for my visit to the North West.Report
pie_guy_uk  7/24/21
Three Sessions this week. Why do I want a fourth?Report
pie_guy_uk  6/30/21
Cheers for the artwork BboyclownReport
pie_guy_uk  5/18/21
Flans for the MemoriesReport
pie_guy_uk  3/14/21
happy pi dayReport
Navy  3/11/21
I work in Hampshire could arrange a messy time wearing my uniform or shirt large knoted tie and jumper they all need a good gungingReport
Navy  3/11/21
I think my uniform deserves all the pies you have inside and outReport
The Mess Menace  7/8/20
Thanks for the like!Report
pie_guy_uk  6/24/20
Had a lovely delivery from Messysupplies today Report
ScotsPie  9/10/19
Loving the new gunge tank photos Report
pie_guy_uk  8/27/19
Quizbob pics are up - take a look, give them a like Report
pie_guy_uk  7/13/19
Looking for some new Stooges!!Report
ScotsPie  8/5/18
Love those new photos. who on earth did that to you ??? heheheh Report
ScotsPie  7/6/18
Likewise it was nice to see and flan you again. Let's not leave it so long next time Report
pie_guy_uk  1/2/18
New status: Who wants to help me get gunged in 2018??Report
SmokySharon  11/7/17
Lovely pics hunReport
pie_guy_uk  2/9/17
New status: I've got a brand new nose!!Report
pie_guy_uk  7/21/16
New status: Been a TRIFLE naughty. I should be in CUSTARDY!!Report
pie_guy_uk  1/7/16
New status: YAY! The drought's over. Who's next??Report
Binnay  8/3/15
Thanks for the add Report
yahaha  1/17/13
great collection of pics Report
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