Mrs Bouquet (pronounced Bucket)
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10 years
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Chat with friends, roleplay with others, and find others interested in meeting up
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In March i went to my 1st fetish event ans loved it. Ready for the next one, who's coming with me?

love clothes filling, the tighter the better, well within reason, and cake sitting.
Been given a Morphsuit for Christmas as a joke and i love it, added an extra kink. If you are into similar garments give us a shout!

On Skype, Kik and Whatsapp to, love to chat.
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Charlotte Black  7/9/22
Aw, thanks for all your loves and likes! Report
Mustbetights  4/3/22
Swindon Monday and Tuesday, anyone interested?Report
Charlotte Black  3/20/22
Thank you for all the likes! Report
Mustbetights  1/7/22
'Compost Corner!'Report
mysterysimon  8/4/20
Anyone that dresses in those shoes and shorts need a good pieing.Report
Mustbetights  4/28/20
Who's up for a messy meet, when we let the pies fly again?Report
Mustbetights  11/27/19
Filled at lastReport
sally  9/11/19
enjoy wam role play fully suited or uniformedReport
messyjods  6/19/19
Thanks for all the love on my pics!Report
mrmrsmuddyboots  6/7/19
I love lycra and tight stuff too, as you can tell by the pics of my wife, lol, glad you enjoyed, btwReport
nicefullpants  5/23/19
Thanks for the loves on my pictures.Report
Mustbetights  5/14/19
What?!! Clean tights?Report
tutu2018  3/28/19
Hi love to see you in a long sleeved leotard and tights getting messy covered and filled with custard etc just like me please comment on my video thanksReport
Mustbetights  1/19/19
Wam NinjaReport
Mustbetights  1/19/19
Mustbetights  1/17/19
Team NinjaReport
Mustbetights  12/31/18
Happy New Year!Report
kevin57  1/2/18
Thank for all the Report
Mustbetights  6/17/17
New status: 100th pic takenReport
Manwam  1/29/17
Thanks for all the likesReport
Mustbetights  1/7/17
New status: 100th pic to post but what of?Report
Mustbetights  12/23/16
New status: God mess us, everyoneReport
Mustbetights  9/27/16
New status: feel free to drop pieReport
Mustbetights  8/29/16
New status: Bank holiday, must St Tights Filling Day!Report
Mustbetights  6/29/16
New status: sorry for being a boring old fartReport
Mustbetights  7/13/15
New status: cheesecke and tights, who wants to play?Report
mudtights  6/27/15
I'm on skpe nowReport
Mustbetights  4/15/15
New status: skype fun?Report
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