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14 years
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Chat with friends
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foam, lather, batter, food, lotion, lube, pies, marshmallow
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Hey thanks for stopping by

Love getting wet/messy/muddy in either mens/womens clothes

Im married but the wife has no interest in wet/messy play :-( But I live in hope that one she may change her mind

If you want to know more about me or have any ideas for me all you have to do is ask
Openly chat with anybody - on heres fine but outside of here is hard as the wife knows nothing about my wet/messy adventures and she already thinks im mental without knowing about this place
Thanks for looking

Note !! If you have nothing in your profile and send me a friend request with nothing written either I will simply ignore you I'm just getting tired of mute friend collectors
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Profile Wall
LucyWiltshire  11/7/18
What to do for a next session??? Ideas welcome .....Report
LucyWiltshire  10/21/18
Huh ??? What Happened Here ???Report
CutiePie  4/3/18
congrats WOTD! Report
MessyCleo  4/3/18
Congrats on WOTD!!Report
stockingman  1/31/18
Black stockings and heels with an LBD ...........its the law Report
LucyWiltshire  1/31/18
What to wear in the hot tub tonight ????Report
Poursomesugaronme  11/27/17
Loving your pics , some great mess on thereReport
LucyWiltshire  11/18/17
New status: Bodystockings at the ready Report
LucyWiltshire  11/17/17
New status: Need to at least get wet this weekend !!!Report
kevin57  9/15/17
Congrats wammer of the day Report
LucyWiltshire  9/15/17
New status: Big thank you to all that made me WOTD today XxxxReport
LucyWiltshire  9/10/17
New status: Just bought three new pairs of heelsReport
LucyWiltshire  2/20/17
New status: Still can't reply to messages !!!Report
LucyWiltshire  2/8/17
Just a big thank you to all who have hearted,commented and messaged me about my latest pics It means a lot Report
LucyWiltshire  2/4/17
New status: Hot tub night tonight but what to wear ???Report
LucyWiltshire  1/3/17
New status: Developing a thing for tights lately Report
LucyWiltshire  12/1/16
Latest pics are a bit pink ;-0 but that's what you get from hiding from the neighbours under a red gazebo lol hope you like them anywaysReport
LucyWiltshire  11/29/16
New status: Creating SpaceReport
kevin57  11/19/16
Love your pics Report
LucyWiltshire  11/4/16
New status: Having a no knickers day today Report
LucyWiltshire  9/13/16
New status: Need to hire another hottub soon sad it's gone :-Report
LucyWiltshire  9/1/16
New status: Wanna move to Perranporth Report
LucyWiltshire  7/21/16
New status: Picnic area anyone ?? Report
stockingman  6/28/16
I suggest you take 2 paracetamol and get an early night for that bug Report
LucyWiltshire  6/28/16
New status: Thanks to all for your hearts it means a lot xxxReport
LucyWiltshire  6/27/16
New status: Thinking I'm getting the messy bug again Report
LucyWiltshire  5/29/16
New status: Is swinly bike trails going to be muddy ???Report
LucyWiltshire  2/5/16
New status: Fetlife any good ??Report
LucyWiltshire  1/5/16
New status: Bought 2 a black one and a pink one Report
LucyWiltshire  1/3/16
New status: Searching for a black shiny leotard Report
LucyWiltshire  12/22/15
New status: Hoping for 1 more muddy session in 2015 !!! Report
LucyWiltshire  11/29/15
New status: Playtime cancelled :-(Report
LucyWiltshire  11/20/15
New status: Too cold for fun this weekend :-(Report
LucyWiltshire  11/3/15
Thank you to all that helped me reach WOTD It might not mean much to some but it's a biggy for me Report
LucyWiltshire  10/24/15
New status: Who's getting messy tonight ?? Report
LucyWiltshire  10/24/15
New status: Domebusters this morning in me trunks Report
LucyWiltshire  10/24/15
New status: Want to go swimming fully clothedReport
upiemeipieu22  10/20/15
Spread lots love on your page..Report
LucyWiltshire  10/19/15
New status: Shaving foam pics up tonight Report
LucyWiltshire  10/6/15
New status: Is the wall Broken ???Report
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