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9 years
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applesauce, foam, lather, pastries, food, lotion, peanut butter, fruit
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I am a pisces with a fetish for feet and sploshing. I love getting pied,creamed etc. I am always ready so bring it on
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upiemeipieu22  11/28/16
Thank you all. Miss y'allReport
Messyflyboy  11/27/16
Ouch. Hope all goes well.Report
jurning  11/27/16
Take care and everything is going to be alright. Hang in there and soon enough you will be wamming again. When you ever want to talk , you know where to find me. Report
upiemeipieu22  11/27/16
Hi guys, just wanted to drop a line that I have pinched sciatic nerve on Thanksgiving day and having back surgery real soon. Take care love to allReport
upiemeipieu22  3/26/16
Hello everyone one! Hope all is well. Who is your messy Easter Bunny? Let's see some pictures. SplatReport
rodion7  3/25/16
Thanks for all the likes on my pictures!Report
Messyflyboy  3/14/16
Birthday on pi day. That is awesome!Report
upiemeipieu22  3/14/16
Happy birthday to me. YayyReport
upiemeipieu22  2/12/16
Sorry everyone that i haven't been on in awhile. I have been Real sick. I will be back soon. Love y'all. XoxoReport
NormanMabeld  1/16/16
Happy New Year to you, too! All of your profile pics are fabulous!Report
upiemeipieu22  12/31/15
Happy New Year everyone... Get lots of loveReport
upiemeipieu22  12/21/15
I just wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas/ safe new year.. Hugs and kissesReport
upiemeipieu22  10/30/15
Happy Halloween everyone. Be safeReport
upiemeipieu22  10/26/15
Hi everyone, how are ya? Hope all is doing well... so,,, who is gettin pied right now??Report
upiemeipieu22  10/21/15
Your welcomeReport
wamwright  10/21/15
Thanks for the major likes on my pics really brightens my day Report
upiemeipieu22  9/16/15
To all of my friends! Just want to say that i am truly sorry i have been away for awhile and to long... i also want to say i love everyone of you. i miss you all. Hope to hear from yall... hugs and kisses....... more pies pleaseReport
upiemeipieu22  8/24/15
Why is it my superstar keeps on missing?Report
upiemeipieu22  6/7/15
Hi everyone,miss you guys/ladiesReport
upiemeipieu22  5/18/15
Just wanted to say hello everyone... love all of your pics. And im spreading love on yalls page...xoxoReport
upiemeipieu22  5/17/15
Thank you all.xoxoReport
NormanMabeld  5/9/15
Congrats on WOTD!Report
upiemeipieu22  5/9/15
Thanx for the loveReport
upiemeipieu22  5/7/15
upiemeipieu22  5/1/15
Thank you all.. your all awesome, sweet ppl.couldn't ask for better friends..... love you all. Report
NormanMabeld  4/29/15
And yet again! Congrats! Great pics!Report
jurning  4/29/15
Congrats being WOTD !!! Report
upiemeipieu22  4/28/15
Thank you all..hugsReport
NormanMabeld  4/28/15
Congrats again, on WOTD!Report
CKF  4/24/15
Thanks for all the loves, much appreciated xReport
wetmana  4/24/15
thank you for my loves of my photo,s you have some great one to xReport
upiemeipieu22  4/23/15
Good morning everyone, hope u all had a goodnight sleep, next photo's will all be me. I need an album of me.. hehe they will be coming up soon. WinkReport
upiemeipieu22  4/23/15
Goodnight yall, im gonna try and get some zzzz, sweet dreams. XoxoReport
upiemeipieu22  4/22/15
Thank you for all of the love,likes etc... you are all awesome.. also, thank you for all friend requests, i will spread my hearts on your profile as well, gonna take a break for a minute or 2, i will be back shortly... smileReport
NormanMabeld  4/22/15
Congrats on WOTD! Great collection of pics!Report
upiemeipieu22  4/22/15
Thank youReport
jurning  4/22/15
Congrats being WOTD. Keep up the good work. Report
upiemeipieu22  4/21/15
I want to thank each and everyone of you the love, so many of you to count. You all warm my heart, i am so happy to be here with all of you. I am having so much fun of shareing my personal pictures with you.. now if i sound mushey lol i will smack you with one of my pies...hehe... ok i uploaded some awesome pics. Now it's your turn.. get down and nasty. Hugs to allReport
wamwright  4/7/15
Thanks for the FR and the picture love. Message me sometime Report
upiemeipieu22  3/22/15
I just want to drop a line or 2 to wish everyone have a great day...have fun get messy...Report
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