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I hope you enjoy reading about my interests. You will notice as you read that all of the following are all very closely intertwined.

Mess - I like it messy. The less preparation that goes into preparing the space, the better I like it. I enjoy seeing the mess overtake a room during play. The more that can happen outside of the tub/shower - the better. I like messes to be large scale - why use a small bottle of chocolate syrup when you could buy a five gallon bucket (this is rhetorical, if that wasn't clear). Also - I prefer messes that are wet and sloppy to dry - E.g. peanut butter is fun, but pudding is more fun from a tactile perspective.

Destruction - I'm not referring to mechanical destruction; rather, I enjoy messy destruction. Coating furniture in slop. Stomping mud into carpets. Using excessive amounts of water in the house. A slime/pie scene that takes place directly on an unprotected bed. Getting messy in a vehicle. These things all have a very special appeal to me. I don't carelessly partake in this as often as I'd like... Mostly because I hate cleanup.

Masochism - The act of intentionally and willfully acting in a way that will cause inconvenience, difficulty, or humiliation (my definition.. also, see more on humiliation below). For me, the willful choice to engage in all of these messy and humiliating behaviors is, in itself, part of the turn on. I even get satisfaction from sitting up at night exploring messy amusements knowing that I'm going to feel terrible the next day... the feeling of exhaustion reminds me of what I've done. Dumping a bucket of slop over my head in the bedroom when I could easily do it in the bathtub and save hours of cleanup and not risk destruction. It's an active choice, and it thrills me every time I'm brave enough to make it.

Public Humiliation - I'm still working on developing an understanding of this for me. I'm currently working on some experiences to explore it. I have an inner craving to engage in risky messy behavior. The chance of being caught is a rush. Getting messed up and going home messy... being seen along the way home. Also, getting geared up and going out in public. Or even wearing something humiliating in public. These are all things I'm hoping to explore.

Gear - I have a very wide assortment of gear that I'm passionate about. From ordinary clothing to hot sneaks. To specialized sporting equipment.. there are many varieties of gear that turn me on. One top pick is nylon/down gear. I love sleeping in a puffy outfit nestled into a bed full of puffy sleeping bags. I also love getting messy in shiny puffy gear. Football, baseball, wrestling, etc etc etc. Anything padded with a shiny (think PVC) outer layer... even gym mats... idk why? Sports cups... like wearing a cage, but better.

Wet - I love getting wet in clothes, sneaks and gear. Especially if it is unplanned. And even more so if I have to walk home wet.

Mud - I do love it, but I hate the cleanup so much I rarely do it. I need to find a muddy spot by a lake so cleanup could just be a dip in the lake! But then I'd lose the satisfaction of getting in the car all muddy.

Submission / Loss of Control - This is a very specific one for me. I do not like physical loss of control. Being mentally submissive is what I enjoy. I have a naturally dominant personality. So I enjoy turning that off, and letting someone else think for me. I enjoy this in many different ways. One of the best was a very very arousing online shopping spree with a kinky mastermind sending me a list of items to purchase - it became addicting. Even very simple things like being told what to wear and wearing something I don't want to wear. This is a far reaching fetish for me.

Dares / Tasks - I used to love dares. Now I've become pickier. I don't really think of them as dares any more... I like to think of it as a task. I like the details to be impeccable. If any part of the process is left up to me, I'm going to be turned off and quit. I get a thrill from seeing the intricacies of what someone has planned and how much thought they have put into it. If the task involves some type of creative ingenuity - even better. "Hit yourself with a pie" doesn't cut it for me. I like creativity.

With that said.. I do not perform on command. As I get older I don't really "perform" at all. What I Do, is connect with people who are passionate about my same interests. Then I chat with that person for a long time. like to learn about how they think. I like to know how their mind works in different messy situations. Then I like to start discussing different hypothetical ideas just to get an idea of how they'd react. All of this is basically an interview... should I devote my ongoing time to strengthening this relationship because it will pay dividends for years to come? If yes... there will come a day that I will give a performance of a lifetime. It may be years down the road, but one day the stars will align, and magic will happen. I guess I like to think of connecting with others as an investing... I'm investing in you, and you're investing in me. Interest compounds, and payouts come down the road.

Happy Messing
xo, Keith
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Krazy_Kyle  2/12/24
Congrats on pic of the day mate!Report
Tit4Tat  8/9/23
Can I lick all this clean? Report
KeithC_  12/30/22
I'd love for anyone seeing this to go check out my post in messy forum to recommend a humiliating outfit!Report
Curiouspaints  2/6/22
Your description in your about me is soothing to read like a journal entry about how the kind and body connect with the heartReport
Navy  11/16/21
My girlfreind loves pulling open the front of my cotton top and pouring warm custard in there until it starts to over flow all over the front of my uniform covering my tie knot then I pour custard in her cowl neck jumper and large knotted scarf then make love in the mess fikin love itReport
Navy  11/16/21
I love getting wet and messy wearing uniforms and shirt large knotted ties and jumpers really turn me on getting them wet and messyReport
Bready  4/9/17
Dress me in baseball gear and just gunge me like you love to !Report
starmanteam  3/21/17
Great new messy baseball video! Hope you can get a New Era cap and/or a pro jersey to get messy in next time! That would be AMAZING!Report
Messyflyboy  3/19/17
Everything is better in a singletReport
KeithC_  3/19/17
New status: Cleaning house is much better in a singlet!Report
Jayce  3/19/17
thank you so much for the kind words! you are awesome! xoxoReport
KeithC_  3/19/17
New status: Anybody want to see a singlet get filled with puddReport
KeithC_  3/18/17
New status: Just realized I haven't even seen a TON of chat mReport
KeithC_  3/17/17
New status: First download should be up later today!Report
KeithC_  3/15/17
New status: Mess in pants while in public... checkReport
KeithC_  3/14/17
New status: Woke up hard thinking about today's mess Report
leatherlove  3/13/17
Spank thaht assReport
KeithC_  3/12/17
New status: Good strong drink before destroying these cakes Report
KeithC_  3/12/17
New status: Wishing I was human nachos right now Report
wamfan22  3/9/17
The sliding through oatmeal on an air mattress sounds fun. I have covered a pool mattress in shaving cream and jumped on it while in a house beforeReport
KeithC_  3/9/17
New status: Really need suggestions for tonight's mess...Report
KeithC_  3/8/17
New status: Can't stop thinking about destroying some cakes tReport
KeithC_  3/8/17
I think it'll be oatmeal tonight... over the head, down the shirt, in the pants, or pour it on an air mattress and slide through... decisions decisions...Report
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