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Hey all, I'm Kaylee long time Splosher and been doing clown content for a couple of years. I love sticky gooy messy foods, but don't get to play as often as I would like. I prefer getting messy with sticky gooey foods and mud however good mud is hard to find around here.

Don't be afraid to message me I don't bite........much. Just keep in mind I do not cyber and have any desire to fulfill someone's certain sexual fantasy in the first 5 seconds.
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Alex Giron Sanchez  1/31/24
Hello thank you for accepting my friend request.Report
KayleeKitten  12/24/23
I love how sensitive some guys are. NEpiegut blocked me because I didn't respond to him in a timely manner because, I don't know, I have a life off of this site.Report
KayleeKitten  4/30/22
The weekend is finally hereReport
what_a_mess66  11/12/16
Congrats on WOTD!Report
jurning  11/12/16
Congrats being WOTD !!! Report
KayleeKitten  9/3/15
New status: had way too much fun earlierReport
KayleeKitten  9/3/15
New status: about to get messy for the first time in over a yeReport
KayleeKitten  7/5/15
New status: nipples are now healed but got 2 new tattoosReport
KayleeKitten  3/21/15
New status: just got my nipples piercedReport
wamwright  10/14/14
Happy birthday cutie! Getting old is fine. Just don't grow up.Report
jilly  8/4/14
I'm watching "too cute!" on animal planet about kittens I'm Boston and it reminded me to say hello ^_^ Tee-hee. Miss you too, love. Haven't seen you around. Then again I did get rid of my Facebook. My wam-family is much cooler than everyone else.Report
oilslick  12/5/13
I wanna see!Report
wamwright  6/26/13
Congrats on finally being afforded equal human dignity by the Feds.Report
NormanMabeld  6/13/13
Congrats on WOTD! I love your new profile pic, as well as the entire set it came from!Report
Jayce  6/12/13
i second that!!! what jilly said!!!!Report
jilly  6/12/13
Uh, HELL YEAH, WOTD!!! You saucy lil thing, you That was definitely the best to see on the front page Report
HenryWilcox  6/12/13
Congrats on WOTD - I guess some of my clicks stuck in the end? Report
Jayce  5/7/13
ahhhhhh a red head you hit my weak spot. you want a third party involoved??? haha!Report
jilly  4/29/13
This sounds nuts, but when my hair got really dry from that awful Garnier experience, I started washing my hair with nothing but conditioner. My hair never got greasy. And if I DID wash my hair I used nothing but "cleansing conditioner" PLUS conditioner afterwards. The "cleansing conditioner" is made by L'Oreal and it may look like a small bottle, but it lasts forever. It has no sulfates or detergents whatsoever, but it somehow still cleans. I've even taken conditioner and used it as a leave-in and my hair never looked greasy. Try it out! P.s. Dove has been the best conditioner, truth....Report
Jayce  4/29/13
it will do that. go get aussies 3 minute miracle. it is cheap and works better than paul mitchell or "its a 10" for real! only bad thing is, with this red in my hair, i can only use it every once in a while because it conditions so well, it literally slides red off your hair. it does not do this with any other typical coloring. my red highlights are a mix of bleach and color so, it fades very easily. seriously though. 3 minute miracle. it is the bomb. you will thank me!Report
jilly  2/13/13
Right back atcha, sweetheart xoxoReport
boxster2  11/28/12
Very flattering new picReport
boxster2  9/20/12
When Kaylee is up to no good, the world is a better placeReport
Jayce  9/12/12
thank you, sweetness!! Report
jilly  9/5/12
Sounds like a hell of a way to wake up If you guys ever need a camera person! heheReport
jurning  3/15/12
Love the new pics KK. Thanks for posting!!!Report
KK, they have some gorgeous 50's housewife dresses on play.com, other than that try Hell Bunny xReport
boxster2  12/28/11
Oh dear! Hope she gets better soon.Report
boxster2  12/27/11
the new pic is very, very flattering!Report
aK dna aM  11/11/11
Congratulations, Wammer of the Day xReport
dipbull  10/28/11
thanks for being such a wonderful lady!Report
dipbull  10/27/11
love your stuff!Report
oilslick  6/16/11
Congrads to Boston on taking the cup I was pulling for you!Report
richard210  6/12/11
hope u not mind me askingReport
richard210  6/12/11
have u ever done quicksand sinkingReport
Christian Troy  5/30/11
Yeah! Go Bruins!!Report
oilslick  5/28/11
Congrads with the Bruins! If the Blackhawks can't have it I want Boston to have it!Report
cm314  5/25/11
hey whats up?Report
oilslick  12/26/10
Well I think I even need to thank Santa for that! I hope there's pics!Report
Good Luck for tommorow. I hope it all goes well for you.Report
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