South East, UK
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Dec 13
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Chat with friends, find others interested in meeting up, and just keep to myself and enjoy the scene
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Hi, I'm Joy
Nice to see ya, welcome to the Profile!

24 From the South of the UK and despite my morbid curiosity that cannot be contained sometimes, I still remain a newbie to the Kinky Scene! I'm a mixture of things to be frank, from a Filmmaker to a VTuber to a Vrchat Photographer, I've been in and around the NSFW Scene for a While.

I took an extended distant break from the whole scene following some fairly personal moments that made me feel quite vulnerable around the scene plus I needed to sit down and really think to myself what I was and wasn't ok with in the scene and find and set my own boundaries and limits.

But we back and stronger and that makes me feel fantastic. I'm a Submissive Toy Sub who tbh, I mean you can look down below and see the various mixtures of things I'm down for and am curious about however I'm fairly locked down on who I let into my social bubble following previous events so if I seem very secured and locked in, I apologize, I'm just not taking the risk anymore. I'm huge on all things WAM alongside Bondage so if it's gonna get messy? I'm down for it, just nothing savoury please, makes me feel sick if you're gonna get me messy, get out All the gunge, I will squeal XD.

Outside of that I'm big on Cosplay, Being Dressed and Play with in Fem Clothing and I'm open to being a fun toy for fantasies, the kind who can just enjoy a loving femdom having her way with him, even if I do end up bound to a vibrator and sent wild for her entertainment Lmao.

I'm happy to talk to people and I'm interested in eventually looking into finding a dominant who truly cares about me, my safety and my mental health and I hope to learn and get involved in the scene while I'm here.
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