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Chat with friends, connect with customers, and just keep to myself and enjoy the scene
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"Rule 6: Ask Yourself If It Sparks Joy"
For years the answer to this question with regards to sploshing was an enthusiastic "yeah it does!" But lately, not so much. This is not with regard to anyone in particular; there has just been so much start / stop, ghosting, and uncertainty over the past twelve months that the emotional toll has become far greater than the reward.

The joy is gone and with it so am I.

If circumstances change I will return, but if or when that happens is anyone's guess. Until then, play safe!

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I'm on here of course because I like being messy. For me that mostly means sweet things like pies, cake batter, any kind of pudding, gunge, slime, things like that. The more of it, the better and it has to be thicker instead of watery. Right my to try list is honey and maybe molasses. My preference is to stay on the sweet side due to lingering smell and staining from savory. I've always been on the receiving end but don't mind giving because it might be fun.

I do enjoy getting wet but for me that's more of an aesthetic that I enjoy taking videoing and taking pictures of myself as than a sensation thing. To me it looks incredibly seductive!

When getting wet or messy I enjoy it the most when I'm looking put together. I could be in something formal, some kind of costume, or something nice I like going out with friends in. Staining is a big thing I try to avoid but choosing materials and substances carefully takes care of that. It's fun going out in something that only you and close friends know was covered in pies and cake batter the day before!

The cleaner side of me, I grew up in central Texas and live in Coastal South Carolina. I like the outdoors (walking, hiking, biking) so long as it's not summer, decorating and interior design, and all things midcentury modern. My best skill is growing weeds where landscaping should be; blackberry vines with extra thorns and few actual berries are my specialty.
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