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All proceeds go to charity and this year it's the Midwest Access Coalition which help women get out of state abortions. Please take a look at their website!

Oasis Video is now Streaming over 500 scenes including all Classic Oasis scenes, all Sex In Wet Clothes scenes, and all New Oasis Video scenes with more to come!

I am a lifelong fetishist and WAM is definitely one I enjoy very often. I have tons of clothes that I have kept over the years and purchase today just for getting them wet. I realized a long time ago that there are three reasons why I do this... I find it decadent, erotic, and very, very relaxing.

The Original Oasis Video - Glamour Wetlook and wam

I am also happy to reintroduce the world to the incredible Oasis Glamour Wetlook and WAM Videos, including all the original Wetlook and wam, Fully Clothed Sex videos, and Sex In Wet Clothes videos filmed between 1999 and 2005! There 128 original scenes with dozens of beautiful women!

These are all Glamour WAM and classic clothing videos featuring fully dressed women in elegant clothing complete with skirts, blouses, dresses, evening gowns, wedding gowns, party dresses, business suits, office wear, and almost always include slips, stockings, garters, heels and jewelry. Each woman carefully prepared their hair, makeup, and accessories for the shoots. Oasis Video coined the term "Glamour Wetlook" back in 1999, and here is the entire amazing collection including a few of the rare videos featuring only Madeline!

Since these were our closest friends, we allowed them to talk about anything they wanted as we filmed and then overdubbed the sound with classical music. Remember that these are amateur videos with amateur models, almost all were friends, neighbors, coworkers, and lovers of Madeline. These videos feature real women getting real wet and having a lot of fun!

The New Oasis Video - Glamour Wetlook Erotica

As in real life, and as in the original Oasis videos, I heavily favor the old fashioned look in the new Oasis videos. My outfits lean towards 1940's and 1950's classics and I actually own dozens of authentic 40's and 50's dresses, skirts, blouses, and lingerie which will be featured in our Vintage and Retro section.

I created these new videos to be wetlook and WAM erotica art. They are half fully clothed wetlook followed by half a burlesque style strip tease, and still feature the finest clothing and lingerie. The New Oasis films are simply filming what I like to see and do, and I often end up having a few orgasms after the shoot, some of which I film and place online. For this reason I do not consider myself a WAM producer. I make no money on them but charge a minimum amount because some here make a living at it and I know how difficult that is! This is pure, unadulterated, classic, glamorous wetlook erotica for the love of getting wet in clothes.

The Oasis Sex in Wet Clothes videos

Many were filmed between 2002 and 2005 and started again in 2019 to present. Each scene features real women having real sex wearing formals, business suits, office wear, wedding gowns, lingerie and more while completely wet in hot tubs, pools, showers and bath tubs.

The Oasis Video Fully Clothed Sex videos

These are an entire line of beautiful women beautifully dressed having sex fully clothed, but dry. They can be seen at the UMD fetish site:

For tons more information on me, why I am into wetlook, and both the Original and New Oasis Videos, please see my blogs. I have fun writing them and they are quite detailed.

Live well, be happy and stay wet!

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Hikari-Studio-Wam  10/6/23
thank you for all the love darling Report
Wet Live Team  6/29/23
Thank you for your likes, as always we are very pleased Report
FrenchFlair  5/7/23
Such beautiful Wet look photos! Wow Report
skintightwetjeans  1/14/23
Love your work,I love to have wet clothes sex,your photos are awesome thank you.Report
CalypsoJuneQueen  11/21/22
Thank you for the love xReport
PrimeSlimeTime  6/7/22
Hello, 2nd time to Maddie & Baby. Report
lovingmessy4you  4/3/22
thanks for the likes XOXOReport
GG51  1/27/22
i love madeline, mature and sexy, fantasticReport
WildThang  3/26/21
Thanks for the love on my pics!Report
lovingmessy4you  1/27/21
I appreciate the beautiful hearts that you have left in my photos! a hug!Report
MadelineOasis  11/3/20
Life is good! Be happy and stay safe!Report
DallasWetCouple  8/12/20
Have always enjoyed your wetlook activities, and your taste in clothes. I'm fortunate to be married to a wonderful woman who enjoys it as much as I do! We own NO clothes that we consider off-limits for wet fun, and indulge in it as often as we get the chance - quite often openly in public! If memory serves, we're actually in the same metro area as you. Hope you're staying safe - and wet - in these strange times! If you'd ever like to enjoy our private pool & hot tub, let us know!Report
saggy795  7/26/20
your THE best...I now i've said it before but....ahhhhh........Report
DoctorDamp  4/2/20
Hiya Madeline. After so many years enjoying your wetlook activities, do you still get butterflies and collywobbles of excitement before getting wet in the shower or bath? I do!Report
Widgy  1/27/20
Hi Madeline, Really enjoying the 40's & 50s pretty classy decadent clothing as that messy or wet (preferably messy) is wam heaven for me. Look forward to lots of updates. Big fan from England. Widgy xReport
MrWetShirt  12/20/19
You are indeed a Wetlook Artist, and one of the finest, highest order!Report
wetnylons  12/8/19
super wetlook Report
MaddysBaby  10/20/19
You are my WOTD everyday baby!Report
sally  10/1/19
enjoy clasy formal outfites get wet messy muddy sposhed! so sexy in vlassy outfits!Report
WetGownsLover  8/25/19
Congrats on WOTD once again!!Report
Piethro2  8/25/19
Another very well deserved WOTD !! Congrats !Report
Piethro2  8/20/19
Congrats on a well deserved WOTD !!!!!!Report
jurning  8/20/19
Congrats being WOTD !!! Report
Piethro2  8/18/19
Your new profile pic is absolutely outstanding !!!!Report
drto  8/14/19
You don't need to be a spring chicken to be well-appreciated.Report
saggy795  8/14/19
Alll your pictures are just AWESOME!! the best on the site.Report
Piethro2  8/14/19
Congrats on very well deserved WOTD !!!!!Report
zamba  2/20/19
Again online. This was, and still is one of the best wam movies ever made.Report
Potatoman-J  1/26/19
Wait a minute...from Oasis vids!? WOW, welcome to the UMD!Report
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