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I am a long time lurker. I grew up a big fan of the old Nickelodeon shows, Fun House, and stuff like that, and I very much like the humor of a good slapstick set-up. I also enjoy any excuse to play in the mud -- like a mud volleyball tournament -- and am looking forward to the day when I am invited to a party that includes mud limbo, mud badminton, or something like that. I also think the ideal mess involves an element of surprise -- for instance, I might be talking with a friend at the bar, and then all of a sudden someone sneaks up behind her and plants a creamy pie right in her face, for no reason at all. That would be funny *and* exciting. In a perfect world, for just one day, green slime would fall on people whenever they say "I don't know," wherever they are. I'll bet that's what it's like in heaven.
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