Bob S
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11 hours ago
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18 years
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applesauce, foam, lather, pastries, batter, food, lotion, lube
About Me:
love getting totally trashed in gunge... head to toe total coverage....
alone or preferably with or by a friend of either sex..
both clothed and clothed being ripped or torn to naked...

love getting totally trashed in mud....
also prefer with a friend....

also love getting totally wet while clothed and clothed swimming... especially during the summer months after work at the beach

and love WS play... give and take

wam sex is the best
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Navy  11/19/21
WANT to trash my uniform then rip it to shreadsReport
MuddyMcMudd  7/7/19
Thank you for all the love!! Grrrr!Report
MuddyMcMudd  7/31/16
Thanks for the comments, sexy man.Report
ghsrrbob  8/17/15
New status: From New SetReport
ghsrrbob  6/19/15
New status: Solo Slop PixsReport
ghsrrbob  5/28/15
New status: New Gunge Pig Album Up!Report
rodion7  10/29/14
Thanks for the add - great pictures!Report
Mr Pigg  10/30/13
Glad you like my pics xReport
Bodypaintguy  7/6/13
Thanls for the add! And oh you like doing stuff like this in the summer you say? Well it's summer now man . Can't wait to see what you do this summer! Hopefully some more mud.Report
muckyduck  12/26/12
Thanks for the fr, and the comments, there is a cum shot on another picture Report
ooo  9/25/12
yeah, who doesnt love oily bare-breasted humping?! thanks for the comments! ;D how's it going cutie?Report
guy seeks girl to join  7/11/12
thanks for the FRReport
Allpiedup  7/6/12
Love the pics. I'd love to be in one of your gunge sessions.Report
Messy Stu  7/3/12
Thanks for the comment.Report
nickk  5/16/12
Thanks for the FRReport
PiesRule  2/4/12
Love the new set of pics!Report
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