Xanthan Delight!
Produced by MessyCleo's WAM adventures
Starring the following model:
"Cleo plays in thick, hot, pink and blue xanthan goo."

What is more relaxing than covering yourself with warm, slippery, sloppy goo? After a stressful week Cleo needs to wind down a bit so she asks Bob to prepare two buckets of hot xanthan goo.

Dressed in black faux leather and high heels, she takes place in front of a big bucket full of very thick and very pink goo. Seeing the hot substance and not wanting to waste any time, she dunks her head into it immediately.

She spreads the goo on her lovely face and on her big natural boobs. After a few more dunkings, she decides that she wants it all and pours the remaining goo over her head.

Arroused by the hot slippery feeling, she starts to slide around in the gunge and covers her body and face with it.

After a while, Cleo turns on her back and gets engulfed by an bucketload of thick blue xanthan goo, poured over her by Bob. She continues to roll and slide in the goo. She gets so hot that she even starts to rub the warm stuff between her leggs inside her pants. Her jacket opens up and we all can enjoy the sight of her bra and delightful boobs covered in the blue slime.


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"I like a leatherpants and slippery gunge"
I love this movie. It combines my two fetishes leather and slippery gunge. Cleo puts her head in a bucket full of goo. After the headunking she rolls in the slipperygunge. I find it an really beautifull video. The gunge makes her pants very slippery. sometimes her hand disappears into her pants... The only drawback is the music. piet, 3/25/18
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From southernboy  12/3/18
From slimeman06790  5/11/18
Beautiful head dunk
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