Tied and Pied
Produced by MessyCleo's WAM adventures
Starring the following model:
"Cleo is tied with ropes and gets pied with multicoloured shaving foam."

I love bondage! I can't help it but I enjoy the feel of the ropes on my body. Being tied down and not being able to move is so arrousing. It gets even better when it is combined with a lot of mess. So guess what we are doing in this video...

Bob has tied my arms and legs and he has put me against the wall, making sure that the whole front of my body is exposed. He had coloured 2 batches of shaving foam and left a third batch white. It soesn't take log before the pies start to fly in my direction. They hit my lovely big boobs and the rest of my body.

After he has thrown a few foam pies at me, he starts to rub it in. Pushing a lot of foam in my dress. Ofcourse he loves to show off my huge tits so it doesn't take long before he starts to open the front of my dress to reveal all.

Another batch of pies fly across the room and I am slowly transforming into a multicoloured foamy blob. Bob enjoys rubbing it into my face and into my pussy. He only stops when he runs out of foam.

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"B-oo-b Fondlingly, Gloriously Creamy Work of Art!"
:) I'm on a Messy Cleo Binge at the moment! I've already reviewed one of their videos and I just couldn't resist reviewing this one! Just from the opening shot, I was sold on this video. The more videos I watch of Cleo's, the more I fall in love her :) The first thing you see is Cleo tied up with her arms above her head, a button up dress shirt and a look that could make the strongest of men falls to their knees in worship. It's a frosty yet warm stare that just pierced my heart and made a certain part of me throb... It's not long before the pies are thrown and that pretty little dress shirt is almost completely covered by cream. Before every pie there's a moment of anticipation on her face that is just a delight to watch. Once the pie has landed (most aimed at her tits but...with boobs that big, they're hard to miss) she gives this little look of enjoyment/daring you to do it again. She even jiggles them a few times... it's moments like that which took me 3-4 times to watch this video as I just couldn't keep it together! :) I'll stop telling you what happens there, I promise you won't be disappointed if you buy this and find out for yourself! Just like their best videos there's a lot of boob fondling (Which I am so damn jealous of!), total coverage of pies!, More boob fondling (Seriously, what I'd do to be in that position), amazing chemistry between both on screen, lot of boob coverage and... Did I mention boob fondling? Highly recommend the vid :) If god made a human with qualities for a perfect WAM video, Cleo would be the result of that thought! Around this time I am just about ready to fall on my knees, await a command and kiss her ass. ^.^ 10/10 PieOrCake, 5/24/18
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