The Thank-you Desk Episode 2: Belle and Kylie
Produced by Reverend Slymsford's Sploshers
Starring these models:
"Naughty thank-you desk: Kylie get topless and trashed, and Belle get it too"

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*Maria tricks Kylie and Belle into taking gunge, mud, cream, custard and tomato sauce.

Maria is frustrated,she has bought a new dress, but she has been told she has to do the 'thank-you desk' so it will be ruined.

Just then Belle pops her head round the door to say goodbye. It's been a great shoot but she and Kylie are headed for home.

Maria says she has to do the thank-you desk, and Belle asks what it is. Maria sense an opportunity. She tells her it's a very prestigious need to have exceptional beauty, and great presenting skills. She doesn't think Belle would really be suitable Belle takes the bait and says she has won beauty contests, and she is a great presenter After a little bit of pretending to be unsure, Maria allows herself to be persuaded and Belle sits behind the desk. Kylie appears and says 'I thought we were going?'. Belle explains what has happened and says Kylie should join her. Maria is delighted...but pretends to be opposed 'That is too much of a risk..'. Kylie isn't fussed at all but Belle is persistent until eventually she says 'woah woah woah..if I'm getting something, Kylie should get it too' . Maria responds 'I am sure that can be arranged'. Kylie is reluctant, but Belle says that they are a team..& if I am going to be getting deserve to get at least half. Maria has to stifle her giggles. 'I just want us to get our just desserts' . 'oh don't worry' laughs Maria 'you're going to get them'. The girls sit at the desk and begin to read the thank-yous, Kylie goes first and Maria sprays her with gunge from a gunge-gun as she reads the first thank-you

Maria finds it hilarious and even Belle can't help laughing at her friend's misfortune. But she doesn't find it funny at all, when she gets sprayed with gunge when she starts reading

"This is all I had left to go home in!" she wails

"This dress was expensive" adds Kylie

They continue to do the thank-yous, and of course Maria sprays them with the gunge gun "fucking what!" yells Kylie "look at the state of am I going to get home in this?" Belle and Kylie each laugh at the other's misfortune, whilst being furious that they are getting trashed.

"You've literally trashed my new dress" yells Kylie as yet more gunge rains down on her "This was designer!" "Oh my hair! my hair" cries Belle

Maria switches to mud...

and both girls get coated in the horrible mud

"This is never going to come out" yells Belle as she looks at her once white jeans, now totally trashed. Kylie's dress finally gives into gravity and falls down, revealing her bare boobs

"'Fuck sake! tits are out and everything" she yells

"You totally fell for it" laughs Maria

"I can't believe you've ruined this dress" yells Kylie

After the mud Maria uses custard, cream, and finally tomato sauce to totally destroy the girls

"Oh that is never going to come out of white" moans Belle

Belle and Kylie agree that they are never doing thank-you desk again

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