Pie Deal TV--Episode 1 with Charlie Monaco

Producer: BrookeMaddisonStore: Brooke Maddison's Messy adventuresFollow faceplant  gloop  batter  cake  chocolate  cream  custard
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"When live TV goes wrong! 2 hosts start an all out food fight whilst on TV"
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Hello my Wonderful Wammers! I'm so excited to bring you this epic scene, this is one of my most ambitious projects in terms of story and production and I really wanted to capture the feel of a live TV show going wrong when the two sexy hosts start arguing and then having an all out food fight with the audience left both shocked and excited.

The scene starts with Charlie Monaco, one of the hosts of 'Pie deal TV' talking about all the exciting deals on today's live broadcast! She mentions that the viewers are very lucky today as she has a special guest presenter who is selling a brand new product! Sexy women who are delivered to your house with a selection of your choice of pies and mess and wearing any outfit you like! The woman arrives all packaged up and neatly delivered with all the mess you could ever desire and then you can do Anything you please to her! This special promotional programme is to be introduced by the Sploshing star 'Brooke Maddison'.

Charlie begins her flash sale and is calling out "everything must go" as the phones start ringing! The viewers buy her dress, then her bra and then as Charlie exclaims again "everything must go" A viewer buys her panties as she frantically strips, throwing her clothes at the camera!

Now Brooke takes over the Pie Deal TV studio and looks gorgeous in her leather mini skirt, white cotton blouse and black nylon tights. Charlie is wearing a silk slip dress with white cotton panties and tan coloured hold up stockings! Brooke is boasting about how great her product is and how her home sploshing kits will out sell everything Charlie has to offer! Brooke shows Charlie the mess, all the pies, custard, ice cream, brownie batter, porridge, rice pudding, syrup, treacle, cakes and explains to her you can literally do anything you please with the mess! Charlie is annoyed by Brooke's bravado and cocky attitude so she picks up a big cream pie and says "oh I can do anything with the mess?" before Brooke can react Charlie splats the pie in Brooke face! Brooke goes mad and the girls start to wrestle! The scene cuts to Brooke having parcelled Charlie up in nylon tights and parcel tape, bound and gagged. Brooke with a playful smirk as she promises the live tv audience a real treat as she will demonstrate exactly what this Pie Deal TV, Splosh a girl kit can do! Brooke now rips the blindfold and restraints off of poor Charlie and begins pieing her in the face, tits and ass! Charlie screams and shrieks on live TV as Brooke pours brownie batter all over her followed by treacle and porridge. Brooke fills her panties with treacle and custard and pies her messy ass! This is out of hand and the studio is getting trashed! Brooke sits Charlie down and she then throws pies at her over and over from 6 foot away! The scene then becomes a full sweet dessert destruction sploshing of poor Miss Monaco resulting in her getting the dreaded Slops bucket finale! You don't want to miss this one Xx.
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messylthr  15 days ago
Love that leather skirtReport
messybull  18 days ago
I hope she got you back, only fair.Report
bob1987564  19 days ago
What a huge mess!Report
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