Bound in Nylon Tights and Submerged in the Treacle Bath!

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"Covered head to toe in nylon and black treacle, Brooke's sticky orgasm!"
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Runtime:22 mins, 49 secs
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Hello my Wonderful Wammers, I have a very special scene for you all! As most of you know I love being wrapped in latex and fulfilling my other big fetish of being a Rubberdoll. To further explore that sensation and feeling of restraint and my body being wrapped in tight clothing I wanted to try something completely new! I also love breath play and BDSM elements in my fetish play, that's why I enjoy and get so much pleasure from total submerging in mess/mud and having thick gooey substances like black treacle being poured directly onto my face, it's almost like being gagged and gives me such a thrill. SO this project was all about maximising the breath restriction elements of bondage with the all over body experience of being tightly wrapped in material aswell as being submerged in the thickest goo possible... black treacle!

Brooke is covered head to toe in the most gloriously luxurious nylon pantyhose, she has chosen her favourite colour tights 'Suntan' as they have the most spectacular sheen and glossy finish. Brooke has one pair of tights conventionally pulled over her long, sexy legs, showing her pert ass and bare pussy as she is wearing no panties under her sheer tights. Brooke then has a second pair of tights pulled over her top half, she has cut a small neck hole in the crotch and put her head through. She has slid her arms through the legs of the tights so her hands are now in a type of nylon bondage mitt! Brooke finishes her total nylon coverage with a tight being placed over her head and pulled tightly down to smother her face. Brooke is instantly aroused by being so tightly wrapped in her pantyhose, she has swapped her latex to become a Nylondoll!

Brooke now moves over to the tub of 140 litres of thick, black treacle and she dips her nylon covered hand in the tar like goo and she marvels at how it looks on the shiny, sheen of the glossy tights! Brooke fills a 5 litre bowl with treacle and kneels next to the tub, she takes the bowl and slowly pours the treacle over her head and face, smothering herself in the goo, it runs over the nylon and engulfs her big tits as the treacle runs over her tights covered body. Brooke moans and is instantly turned on as the mess covers her, she knows that she needs to be fully submerged now!

Brooke steps into the large bath of treacle and slowly starts to sink her nylon covered body deeper and deeper into the tar like mess, the treacle floods the tights and is locked against Brookes naked body. She gasps and moans as the crotch fills and squishes against her hot, wet pussy. Brooke gasps for air as the tights stick to her face, restricting her breath. She slowly fully submerges under the goo and vanishes, as she emerges the nylon tights are glued to her face as she moans with pleasure! Brooke can't resist the need to play now. She gets her vibrator and whilst she slowly pours treacle over her face and head she pleasures her sticky pussy until she has the biggest and stickiest orgasm Ever!
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Slimed.  12/10/23
I did that in tights once. You look incredibly sexyReport
SpinyandFrilly  12/10/23
Oh my goodness! Report
HenrySlippery  12/10/23
sweet sticky queen Report
scroggle  12/10/23
This positionReport
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