Brooke's Naked Wallow and Messy Masturbation in the Mud Pit!

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"Brooke massages and teases her mud filled pussy as she sinks and wallows!"
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Hello my Wonderful Wammers! In celebration of us being less then a month away from the outdoor Sploshing season starting I wanted to share with you one of my most intimate and personal mud scenes that I filmed at the end of last season. I knew the season was coming to a close and I had customs that still needed filming but I thought to myself that this could be one of the last days I'm at the mud pit for 6 long months! I wanted to indulge my own personal love and fetish for mud, I wanted to do something completely for me! No script, no plans, just a complete spontaneous, impromptu experience in the creamy, gooey, thick mud pit! I was wearing my skin tight, Lycra, Adidas gym leggings and a small cotton thong (I was actually having a break between scenes) when this overwhelming urge, this want and desire to play with myself in the mud and have an amazing messy orgasm outside came over me and I made a decision on the spot to just switch the camera on and go into the mud unplanned and unscripted!

I tentatively walk toward the deeper, creamy mud but as I try to get close enough to get in my bare feet start to sink, they get sucked down to below the ankle, then mid calf! I'm stuck! I have to wiggle my legs free as I sit in the mud, ruining my black leggings. I finally pull my legs free and I change my approach to get to the deeper mud! This time I run from the bank and I dive head first into the mud pit, Splat! I land with a face plant straight into the mud, my big DD tits splat as the mud flies everywhere, I'm covered!

I'm into the mud and I can already feel my pussy getting wet and starting to tingle as my leggings and panties flood with the creamy, gooey clay. I wallow, crawl and slowly roll around in the mud as it sucks me down and tries to submerge me. I shriek and moan with pleasure as the mud covers every inch of my body, my long hair is shampooed with mud as it's glued to me, I'm encased in the gooey brown sludge!

I slide off my leggings and then very slowly slide off my black cotton panties for you, my tight little pussy is visible for a moment, perfectly pink and clean. Then I grind my hips down and the mud sucks my pussy down making my clit explode with different sensations as the gooey, thick, porridge like sludge is squelched against my bare pussy and as I grind my crotch down into the mud deeper, it squishes up between my cheeks, teasing my arsehole perfectly!

I can't wait any longer and I use my mud covered fingers to massage, tease and pleasure my mud filled pussy, I cover my face with mud as I play, burying my face and head under the mud as I bring myself closer and closer to orgasm. The gooey, thick, oozing clay filling my pussy takes my breath away as I climax and cum! I now wallow naked, getting on all fours, bending over and showing you all my mud covered pussy and arsehole from behind as I beg for you to fuck me in my ass! I'm so aroused and sign off this impromptu scene with a signature Brooke head dunk! Xx.
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15.3 min
Gunge Lad S J  6/11/24
I think I love you!!!Report
roland52  4/29/24
This is fantastic!Report
Hurricane  4/29/24
Looking good in the mud. Looking good covered in mud. Love the picReport
shinyrainwear  4/29/24
Would be great for this to be in rainwear next time.Report
WAMOptimist93  4/28/24
I caught this one on your OF a while back. Awesome scene, Brooke. It's clear how much you enjoy the mud. Report
bob1987564  4/27/24
This is so amazing!!! You look so hot covered in mud. Bet it felt great!Report
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