Mollie's Revenge. Kacie Tied, Pied and Stripped
Produced by Reverend Slymsford's Sploshers
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Gorgeous Kacie James has her crisp office blouse and skirt destroyed and ends up covered in pies and cakes and completely naked in this terrific scene. Following a brief recap of Pt 1 where Team Leader Kacie gave HR Rep Molly The Treatment, to show her exactly what it is...

Molly says this is a cruel and unfair punishment, and there is no way she can approve its continued use...unless she is allowed to get her revenge on Kacie.

She starts by getting Kacie with a pie to the face. She then ties Kacie's hands behind her back.

Next Molly pours blueberry yoghurt down the inside of Kacie's blouse, and then over the outside of the blouse, front and back "No..that was my favourite shirt and that's really going to stain" wails Kacie.."oh and my make-up took me ages to do, and I've only just had my hair done and you're wrecking it!"

"Well Brunette never really suited you Kacie" laughs Mollie, as she pours a jug full of oatmeal right over Kacie's once beautiful hair She then unbuttons Kacie's blouse, and poor tied up Kacie can do nothing to stop her. Molly grabs a pie and splats it over Kacie's cleavage area "Oh no, not my bra" she yells in anguish

"Look at the state of my skirt" she Molly pulls it down revealing her pristine panties

They aren't pristine for long, as Molly gets a jug of green gunge and pours it inside Kacie's knickers (front and back), and then inside her lovely stockings

"Oh that feels horrible...look at my knickers" wails Kacie, adding "these were new stockings" as Molly applies the gunge without mercy

"Oh my favourite underwear's ruined!" bemoans poor Kacie "Oh my've ruined everything..Not Fair!" Molly doesn't care and grabs a trifle and upends it on Kacie's head

"I can't believe you just did that" complains poor Kacie, "I'm never going to get that out of my hair"

Next Molly pulls down Kacie's knickers, and then pies her beautiful bare bottom. "How dare you! I can't believe you're doing this to me" bemoans our victim

but Molly doesn't care..she grabs a handful of treacle and rubs it into Kacie's pussy, before removing Kacie's bra, revealing her bare clean and a very tempting target. Molly picks up a chocolate cake and massages it into Kacie's breasts

"You've completely trashed me" objects Kacie "but at least I've go some spare knickers in my handbag"

"Aha" beams Molly and grabs the bag and pours chocolate custard into it, and over the outside..ruining bag and knickers both. "That was my favourite bag" laments Kacie "now what do I do..I've got no knickers"

"Have another pie to the pussy" laughs Molly as she does the honours. "Look at the state of've completely wrecked everything" concludes Kacie

"Actually..this was fun" wraps up Molly.."I will allow this punishment to continue in the office..provided I get to watch"

The girls end with a messy hug

The low low price is because occasionally we lose sharp HD focus and get a softer focus.
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"Goergeous girls, gunged with gooey gastronomic goodies."
Thankfully, Mollie is already nude in this one. Nice. Kacie takes it like a trooper--I mean an acting Trooper. Her beautiful face scrunches up so adorably as the messes are applied. This is one hell of a video. The Rev lives up to the high expectations he has earned. Myds, 12/12/17
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