Messy Bride Vicky
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"Busty Vicky is getting married to a clown!"

Busty Vicky is getting married to a clown! This odd cerimony has her pied and slimed in her wedding dress. The honeymoon night gets kinky as she is stripped nude and put in the stocks for a pie and slime onslaught.

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"Cute, Sexy Vicky, A Wedding Dress, And Lots Of Mess!"
Cute Vicky looks gorgeous in her wedding gown, complete with veil and gloves! She makes love to the camera throughout most of the vid, so you feel like it's a private performance just for you!

At the beginning, she says, "I do!" to marrying the clown, and looks adorable proudly beaming at being the bride! She looks shocked when he starts throwing pies in her face! Her face, her chest, the gown and the veil all become covered with the pies. Eventually, she lowers her dress so that we see her clean, large boobs. She gets green slime dumped on her and she gets totally covered. She gets a few more pies, and then gets chocolate sauce (or thin batter) poured all over her. She rubs it sensuously all over her body, while staring seductively into the camera! She gets the chocolate in her mouth, and then lets it dribble down her chin.

I love wam bondage, and her new husband locks her legs in the stocks! I could never tell for sure if her hands were bound behind her or not, but she never used them to wipe her eyes or anything. She also opened her eyes without wiping at several points during the vid. She gets more mess dumped on her, then a few more pies, iirc.

When she is released from the stocks, she plays in the mess, scooping it up with one of the pie pans and dumping it on herself.

This vid covers so many bases, it's hard to keep track of everything! Cute, sexy Vicky; a wedding dress; pies; slime; chocolate; clothed; naked; stocks; getting mess in her mouth and letting it run out; and oh, yes! A sensual tongue that licks her lips several times in such a sexy way you won't believe it!

After first seeing the pics years ago, I've wanted this vid ever since, and was not disappointed! In fact, I was VERY pleased! NormanMabeld, 2/1/15
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