Danielle's Initiation
From Messygirl's Video Vault
Starring these models:
"Liz, Vicky and Danielle have a messy threesome"

Liz and Vicky give Danielle her messygirl initiation. Poor Danielle is pied, covered in molasses, batter and has ice cream poured on her pussy! Then all three girls get into some messy play including head dunking, pies to the ass and a sexy messy make out between Vicky and Danielle! All 3 girls end up nude!

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"Danielle gets initiated, and everybody gets very messy!"
This features the beautiful and sexy Danielle Trixie, as well as two of Messygirl's most popular models, Liz and Vicky! Danielle looks a little nervous at first, not knowing what to expect. She smiles and giggles through the whole vid, once she starts getting messy! And messy she gets; She gets a couple of cream pies in the face, then what looks like caramel syrup, then molasses! Danielle voices how cold the stuff is! Then she gets some more pies. She lets out a scream as COLD, melted ice cream is poured on her crotch! Then she gets her head dunked several times in a pail of chocolate batter! After that, Vicky also dunks her head several times, as does Liz. All three of them have a lot of fun with this! After that, they line up and get a pie smashed in their face by the girl behind them. Liz, who is in front, turns around and smacks Vicky, who is in back, with a pie! Then they each get pie spanked on their cute rear ends! The hits are hard, and the pie splatters all over! Danielle and Vicky do some serious kissing while Liz pours mess over their heads and faces! All three ladies have a fun time! To me, the vid was even better than the pics would suggest! Another amazing vid from Messygirl! NormanMabeld, 2/10/15
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