Meet Caitlin:She Strips Naked and Is Trashed In Her Audition

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Starring these models:
Genesis and Ana are on hand to help new model Caitlin audition for you. First they persuade her to gradually strip down for you, so you can appreciate how beautiful she is. But of course seeing her naked doesn't really help you... you need to see how she looks, covered in mess.

The girls are happy to help... covering her from head to toe in marshmallow cream before proceeding to pour different colour slimes over her.

Then put comes the melted chocolate, before finally she is coated in sprinkles, for the finishing touch.

Plus of course Genesis and Ana have to 'accidentally' drop Caitlin's clean clothes in the mess, and then stand on them to ensure her lovely new clothes are totally ruined.

Then at the end there's some bonus footage of Caitlin showering off. So what do you think of Caitlin? Should we have her back?

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mthorpe85  10/17/23
What ever happened to Caitlyn? Too bad she only did this one scene. She has a lot of potential. This scene has a little bit of everything. If you like watching a women strip off, this is for you. If you like seeing a naked woman awaiting her mess, this is for you. If you like seeing a naked woman getting messy, this is definitely for you. If you like the post-mess shower, this is for you.Report
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