Bob's Mess Factory Initiation

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"Darla and Goop cover every inch of Bob in mess as he proves his worth"
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In this very special Mess Factory Initiation video, join me and Goop as we punish Bob with an insane amount of mess to welcome him into the Mess Factory. Goop and I are adorably dressed in complimenting outfits of black, white, and pink in a very cute schoolgirl theme. We figured that since it was Bob who was supposed to be getting messy, we could wear something cute that we didn't want to ruin. Boy, were we wrong! First, we made Bob take some spanking, which he did with many thanks, and I gave him his first booty pie of the day. After we get Bob out of his shirts, Goop surprises him with a cold, creamy pie to the chest. While she rubs the whipped cream in, I get him in the face with another pie. Bob takes one cold whipped cream pie after another, including a pie sandwich--his first one! Then, I break out a special treat of some warm, thick, gooey, yellow cake batter poured over his head. Once he's thoroughly covered in cream and cake batter, I give him a little flour shower and then throw handfuls of gorgeous green cake batter at him.

This is where it gets messy for Goop as I hit her with a bucket full of the green cake batter and she goes right for revenge by pouring it over my head, too. We even share the thick batter with Bob before continuing to pie him and get him as messy as possible. My next surprise for Bob is a gallon of thick, syrupy molasses which drips beautifully over his head and down his face and body. We got Bob out of his shorts to reveal a fresh, clean canvas for our messy art. Goop and I scoop up slop from the floor to completely cover every single inch of Bob and turn him into a multi-colored, messy slop monster! Bob gets a couple of creamy booty pies to add to the huge mess we're making of him. We keep adding to the mess with slop pies, cream pies, cake batter, molasses, and even the rest of the bag of flour until Bob is completely covered.

Just when Bob can't believe there's even more, we turn him around and give him messy spanks and another cream pie to the booty. I don't think you can have an initiation without a little bit of punishment, so we strap a funnel to his mouth and pour the gallon of thick, dark molasses into his mouth and pour the sticky substance all over his body. For the cherry on the top of this very messy initiation, Goop and I scoop up all the slop from the floor and fill a bucket with it so we can pour the super thick slop over Bob's head. He did such a great job taking all that mess and I'm so proud to welcome Bob into the Mess Factory! We finish this fun session with the sweetest, messiest three-way hugs between me, Goop, and Bob and we are completely covered in the slop. Such a great session! I wonder who's going to be our next initiate in the Mess Factory. Could it be you?
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"What an intiation"
This initiation is different than most because a guy is the victim. To me it shows that a guy can get messy with pies, slime and molasses, Darla and goop did a great job in initiating Bob and got messy themselves. I would like to see more male/female messy content.

Professor Bob 5/30/23
Professor Bob  5/18/23
Thank you for the opportunity to be a member of the mess factory . More people should try it....BobReport
Darla DeVour  5/18/23
You sure took the mess like a champ and showed you were worthy to be a member of The Mess Factory, Bob <3Report
Professor Bob  5/14/23
I had such a great time thank you Darla for my initiation....BobReport
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