The Messtress Initiates Wes into The Mess Factory

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"Darla dominates Wes in his very first in person messy session"
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In this special session, join me as I initiate Messy Wessy into the Mess Factory and dom this naughty boy with a huge mess. When I get there, Messy Wessy is already sitting on the floor, head down, having been instructed not to look at me. It's too bad because I look amazing and am giving Baywatch vibes in my red bathing suit and matching shiny, red pleasers. I tease him a little bit by shaking my ass in his face but not allowing him to look. When I do finally let him look and get off the floor, I tower over him, making me look and feel so powerful as I get him right in the face with two creamy white pies and smear the crumbling, creamy mess all over his face and body. I decided to challenge Messy Wessy to a trivia game involving my Wheel of Messy Fortune. Messy Wessy is the first to spin the wheel and is rewarded with a big cream pie to the bare ass which he took like a champion! I also got to give Messy Wessy his first messy head dunk. I forced him to his hands and knees and shoved his head into a bucket full of delicious smelling, chocolate pudding. Lucky boy!

I invite Daddy Phoenix to come give this very naughty boy a messy surprise and they decide he needs to experience some super thick, fluorescent green gunge. Once the slimy gunge is in the mix, I add it to the head dunking bucket with some slop from the floor and push his eager head back under multiple times. We then decide to have a head dunking competition to see who can hold their breath the longest, but you'll have to watch to see who wins that one!

Before our session, Daddy Phoenix asked Messy Wessy to tell them his secret, messy wish and he said it was to get a pie sandwich from me, which I was more than happy to give him and then I smear the creamy pie and crumbly crust all over his face and body. He continues to be quite naughty so I make him apologize, grovel, and cover himself with all the lovely slop from the floor. When Wessy Messy spins the Bonus on the Wheel of Messy Fortune, I challenge him to a game of Higher/Lower with super-sized playing cards. When he loses, I punish him by pouring a full gallon of milk over him. Since he's been so bad, I decide to make him beg me to give him more mess and when he doesn't do a good job, I make him watch me pie myself instead. To add a little humiliation, I force him to lay on the floor where I pour beautiful pink strawberry cake batter all over him and rub the thick substance in while I slap him in the face. Then I force him to roll around in the mess like the little piggy he is. He finally addresses me properly as Messtress Darla and asks for more mess and I reward his good behavior with even more slop from the floor and by squeezing the mess out of his t-shirt onto him. We have one last surprise for Messy Wessy--a birthday cake to celebrate his birthday and his Mess Factory initiation! Daddy Phoenix and I sing to him and then we shove the whole delectable cake in his face.
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