4-Girl Pie Trivia W/ Larz, Daisy, Creamy and Darla

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"These prim and proper school girls are put to the pie-tastic test!"
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The Dream Team/Cream Team, Larz, Daisy, Creamy and Darla, are back at it again with an exciting game of Pie Trivia! We start the game looking freshly done up in our school girl uniforms, Mary Jane flats, white socks, and neckties. 35 overflowing cream pies. 4 school girls. A game of messy fate. I begin the game by asking the girls if they've been paying attention in school... because ready or not, it's time for their smarts to be put to the test! Creamy volunteers to go first, and to her surprise she is the first to take a big, thick whipped cream pie to the face after answering incorrectly. Then, all four of us take turns pulling questions from the bowl of trivia questions and choosing which girl we want to be our next messy culprit. The loser of each round gets to decide who they want to challenge next. The game had an element of chance, as the trivia questions ranged in difficulty. Who do you think luck favored on this very messy day at school? As the messy tension escalates, we decide that whoever answers a question incorrectly not only deserves a single pie to the face... but that they instead deserve a pie barrage to the face from all the rest of us. Question after question, pie after pie, we all begin to become unrecognizable underneath all of the cream. The mess continues to build on all of our faces, hair and outfits as we battle it out on the trivia field. We can't help but be our competitive, bratty, silly selves. I throw cream at the girls while they try to answer questions. Larz so kindly shares the cream that's piled on her dress with the rest of us by giving us big, messy hugs. Creamy fills her dress with tubs and tubs of cream and wraps it all right over my face. I had no idea I could be head dunked while sitting upright... and with a skirt! The thick cream sticks to our face to create the most incredible shapes... you can always guarantee a fun time with this crew. We can't help but pick up the massive gloops of cream from the ground and use it again and again. In The Mess Factory we believe in recycling mess to make the absolute most of it! Who do you think had the smarts to win this messy game? This download includes the full high-res 45 minute video as well as two photosets. The first photoset includes 123 high quality images of all four of us girls pre-mess in our cute school girl outfits posing with each other and pies. The second photoset contains 300+ screen-grabs from the shoot.
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"Larz, Daisy, Creamy, and Darla are pie in the face savants"
They're school girls playing trivia and the penalty for an incorrect answer is a pie in the face. The video is like 45 tight minutes of pie trivia with face-engulfing pie coverage. Zero filler. All four have amazing chemistry and energy and the coverage and reactions are absolutely perfect. Daisy muffling deadpan under a face full of cream is fire.

Randyrex 7/12/23
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