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Eever since I saw fully clothed slime splat shows on tv in school, my pants started moving the very first time I saw it. I first began experimenting on sliming the closest thing near by which were some puffy down vests with different substances with some of the poor vests eventually wasted. This led to the added build up of anticipation of knowing what's going to happen next to this unsuspecting nice down coat shortly as it gets teased with the slime before it eventually gets it and it ends up all creamed. During each gungeing comes the added suspense of taking the chance to find out wether it survived or never as new again adds to the risk. I discovered puffy down coats are practically made for this. When a hot puffy down jacket in it's nice new clean condition at it's best gets it as it meets a full force ongoing heavy dose of dripping soaking wet mess being poured all over it totally humiliated until eventually it is completely covered in a thick gooey slime mess while it helplessly just takes it, is hot.

Multiple contrasting colors gunge applesauce, cake batter, baked beans, cake, cake icing, cake mix, cerial with milk, clothes filling, cool whip, condiments, cream, custard, custard pies, desserts, eggs, flour, foam, frosting, heavy cream, honey, ice cubes, jelly, lotion, marshmellow fluff, mashed potatoes with melting butter on top, milk, milkshakes, oatmeal, oil, pancake batter, pastries, pies, pudding, ricepudding, shaving cream, spaghetti, syrup, colored slime, water, whipped cream, yogurt. Your likes helps encourage more down puffa coats to get slimed. Thanks for liking my pictures.
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wetmess  11/25/22
Fun to get a fresh clean down coat really puffy while I have my mess all set up already beforehand. Then to take it for a night out at a party to be seen as the anticipation builds all night long knowing when it returns home that nice puffy down coat will be wasted in a mess afterwards later the same night. Especially to take a different one each time out, to enjoy the variety of getting a new one wasted each time after getting home until eventually they all end up being messy Report
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