"The quickest way for me to cum if I'm not having wam sex is thinking about wam sex."
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69, missionary, cowboy, doggy style, reverse cowboy, applesauce, pastries, batter, food, lube, fruit, pies, butter, fruit filling, messy, cakes, gel, methylcellulose, quicksand, chocolate
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Been a member of umd, on and off, going back to the mid-1990's. (My original s/n back then was Missie Chrissie.) It became a very special place for me back then to discover I was not alone in my love for this perverted fetish. It especially helped to learn other females are as crazy about this as I.

I simply adore full coverage wam sex. Discovered my love for it quite unexpectedly at the end of my freshman year in college when I participated in a mud volleyball tournament. Shortly thereafter, started experimenting with all sorts of substances to learn I am mostly interested in the sweet. But as I'm getting older (my listed birthday is, obviously, false... once a woman hits 30, and that was some time ago, you're always 29, but most of you should know that), I want to start giving another shot at some of the savory items, too.

I've met several wonderful people over the years on umd, if only in the virtual world. But it's been a lot of fun teasing and playing with all of you even if it can only be online.
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From judyanne  3/2/18
We need to get you to the may Vegas meet? Promise I can disguise you from all but the FBI!
From NormanMabeld  1/31/17
Hi, Chrissie! I'm sorry that I missed you! I would have loved to have talked to you! I hope that you're doing well!
From   9/6/16
Thanks for the FR add!!
From NormanMabeld  5/20/16
It was so good to see some posts from you today, Chrissie! Long time no see!
From ontariopies  10/1/14
Thanks for the add!
From sploshalot  8/28/13
a lovely profile pic, oooh what fun I could have. Thank you so much.
From Jayce  4/17/13
arent you super sweet?! thank you! that is a pic from one of my very first customs! I had only been wamming for about 2 months! )) it brings back great memories!
From ooo  3/16/13
*pies you in the face while your sleeping with a super thick cherry pie and 2 cans of whip cream!*
From wamnovice  2/5/13
thanks for accepting my friend request, To mis-quote from your profile - I'm almost constantly horny, thinking about YOUR next wam sex session !!
From chocolick  1/31/13
Thanks for accepting friend request
From Edward73  11/22/12
Please post a pic of you (best woudl be topless and messy) on your profile...thanks!
From NormanMabeld  9/30/12
I don't know if you meant "with pics" on your wall comment, but if so, I'd love to see you messy! If no pics, that's fine, but if it turns you on as much as you said, you should do it for yourself!
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