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LOVE joke humiliation, compliments + good FEEDBACK
I'm here to:
Chat with friends, roleplay with others, find others interested in meeting up, and connect with customers
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About Me:
I would travel to be paid with pies in the face. Would work for nothing and take care of my own travel if it meant being a victim of Messy Slapstick.

Spring/Houston Texas area - Looking to make WAM friend/partners.
Travelling isn't much of an option, but if I can work out a surefire meeting with someone
Been wanting to be on the recieving end of a giant mess, all my life- So let me know if you ever wanna try and meet, etc.

Making money shooting solo material- Would like to extend to material made with more people.
I love Pies IN The Face, the most, and if inflation was a problem I'd be doing a lot more things with slime, etc.

Looking for anyone to do This to me:

Looking for someone to chat with in a friendly way
Looking for someone to chat with in a flirty way
Looking for someone to hash out messy video ideas with
Looking for someone to make messy videos with
Looking for someone to dare me to get messier
Looking for someone(s) to support me during a time of financial crisis
Looking for someone to make Solo messy video For. (DM Me about specific requests-
If I get offered to do a custom, I'll try and follow the rules and instructions to a T- However, I enjoy just doing dares, challenges etc)
Prefer hetero Sexual, but WAM isn't always sexual. Willing to work with guys on particularly messy things. (DM)

Note: Thank you, if you have purchased a video I have for sale.
You can add a tip to any of my videos, free or for sale. Tips of any size will result in a new video consulting the donator about the idea.

Making videos for Feedback Please
At least leave a heart so I know I'm doing good work, but don't be shy to let me know what you think!

Make more comments/responses for releases of extra footage- any interactions are appreciated.

PS - More "slime" or "slime only" videos coming

Fan of old-school TV-style slapstick.
Tickling + Ten Sloppy Pies
85 plays
Pied and Slimed Stooge
214 plays
Pied Laying Down
122 plays
OldSchool NSFW Pie Face Strokingexplicit
60 plays
Pies and Feet in the Face
45 plays
Test Cream Pie Torture
245 plays
Clown Pie Test
294 plays
Pie Thrown in Stooge's Face
484 plays
Quick Clown Shaving Cream Pie
130 plays
Moaning Stooge Pied on His Back, Edging NSFWexplicit
23 days ago
Pies in the Face W/ Extra Cream (Nfsw)explicit
28 days ago
Hotel Pies NSFWexplicit
NSFW--Pies in the Faceexplicit
Pies Covered and Plugged NSFWexplicit
Lifesaver Bundleexplicit
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Cream Pie in the Face Masturbationexplicit
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Profile Wall
Slapdash WAM  4/24/24
I'm getting to a point where I want to wear a shirt saying "PIE ME IN THE FACE?" in as many public places as I can, just on the off chance it gets the desired result somehow. I wouldn't expect to randomly get hit, as fun as that would be, but maybe approached by someone who always wanted to pie someone.Report
Slapdash WAM  4/24/24
I'd like to go to a convention, Ren-fest, concert- Any gathering where I could set up a table/booth where anyone can come up and pie me in the face. Or, if I can walk around a festival for people to stop me if they want to pie me in the face with one I provide, or they happen to have. I feel like the "Camping Over" open to everyone, takes place at dark, goes until morning, and is part of Ren Fest- Would be the best place to sit at my campsite, set up a sign, and just let people know that I'd be willing to let them pie me in the face, as much as they want, for free. DM me ways I could get st...Report
pieguypaul  1/14/24
Has anyone tried mixing cornstarch with shaving cream?? I was also wondering how to improve the texture for pieings.Report
Slapdash WAM  12/31/23
Over next year, I will be phasing out any NSFW videos as I can produce more videos with a friend. I'll announce when a video is about to be taken from the store. Once they've been taken down here, I'll still be open to finding another way to share/sell the videos in a way that's less public.Report
Slapdash WAM  12/26/23
Will be finding out from my friend soon if she'd be open to filming a scene hitting me with multiple pies different ways. Will probably have different types of pies that can be thrown or smashed. I'd like to try and get her to let go and throw pie in an almost rough way. My goal is to do scenes taking more pies, messier pies, thrown harder.Report
Slapdash WAM  12/26/23
I've known of multiple people who dislike pies in the face to the point of not wanting to even hear about or discuss the subject in any way. ??? It shouldn't bother me but it does. I look at all types of content, although not all is kind I'd look for specifically. I feel like a closed mind is the last thing you want to have with a WAM fetish. I will be making more coed videos with my friend and she wants to try a variety of things, if only to see what's successful/fun.Report
Slapdash WAM  12/25/23
One thing I could do is get six packs of mini graham cracker crusts and smaller foam/paper plates. I know it works and I can mix it up between those, regular sized pie crusts and then oversized pies.Report
Slapdash WAM  12/25/23
Trying to figure out best quick crust, and how to make shaving cream easier to throw like real cream. Going to get some soap making colored dyes that are skin safe to make multicolored pies. I've tried broken up crackers, which are alright sometimes- Thinking of trying actual graham crackers or graham cracker crumbs. I'm familiar with working with gingerbread but not making it. I'm thinking learning how to make homemade pie crusts may be the way to go.Report
Slapdash WAM  12/24/23
Doing Christmas in January because we're legit broke. Tomorrow, putting up latest clown video for sale, as I have to make at least $50 to earn something and it's been about a month and a half. Do check the store, as when something leaves the store there's a good chance it's not coming back- Shooting more videos and situations with my friend has been planned and I'm going to be trying to transition my account to something less about the kink and fetish side. That'll still be there, but will be topped by the situation/mess level.Report
Slapdash WAM  12/23/23
I haven't even seen my friend who likes to pie me for videos. She was willing to get clowned up, and also try a pie in the face in addition to several scenarios where I finally won't have to pie myself. She was also open to the idea of using her bare feet to smear the pie into my face. She's been busy trying to make ends meet, and Christmas doesn't help. We're both flat broke, which sucks because if we had free time not trying to get by, we could hang out and actually make the videos that I think would be really popular.Report
Jewel of Oregon  12/23/23
Try cornstarch. Used it with cool whip once upon a time for good stabilityReport
Slapdash WAM  12/23/23
I figure for a "clownish" amount of pies I should try emptying shaving cream into a bucket and just adding enough water. What can I add to give it weight like real cream?Report
Slapdash WAM  12/23/23
Be sure to enjoy my entire collection of videos, if only to let ME know what to do MORE of. What do you want to see again, differently or done bigger?Report
Slapdash WAM  12/20/23
Message me about what kind of scene you'd be willing to pay for- Not going to be having much of a Christmas this year, so I'm looking for all the help I can find.Report
Slapdash WAM  12/16/23
Looking for 1-2 people to make a voiceover for a video I'm about to make. I'll be making the first cut with my own audio, and I would want you to do your own commentary of me getting messy and humiliated as it only adds to the fun when someone else is laughing at me getting messy.Report
Slapdash WAM  11/16/23
Any compliments or things to pass onto my female colleague would enhance her enthusiasm. I'm doing what I can, but if any of you would like to gas her up as far as being able to tell her people would like to see her. .Report
Slapdash WAM  11/16/23
GREAT NEWS! The girl who's had fun giving me pies in the face for several of my videos and I have discussed what we'd like to do next and we came up with six new scenes, and a few of which where SHE will be getting some pies in the face. Several pie sketches, tons of pies in the face, some slime and her feet smearing pie into my face OR being tickled while she gets pies in the face.Report
Slapdash WAM  10/6/23
Friend from the videos has eagerly accepted the offer to smash 3 pies in my face the next time we meet.Report
Slapdash WAM  8/4/23
Biggest Idea for Upcoming Scenes - Experimental Pies In addition to traditional shaving cream and graham cracker crusts- I'm going to try experimenting with different ingredients and materials. This will allow for multiple scenes of me taking multiples pies, only now it'll be different types of pies to add variety.Report
Piednpantsed  8/4/23
Lose you pants and trip over them face panting into a cake or pie.Report
Magooo77  8/4/23
I'd love to see what you could do with faceplants into a pie or cake or multiple pies or cakes, sort of a clumsy waiter scenarioReport
Slapdash WAM  8/4/23
LOOKING FOR IDEAS - Shooting multiple scenes soon, and I'd like to get the most out of a day alone. You can help me out by DMing me pics or videos from here on UMD as either an idea recommendation OR a request for me to try and recreate a pre-existing mess. There are plenty of Messy Scenarios here on UMD I'd love to try myself. Original Ideas: - Clown Baker Tests More Pies (All different types, shaving cream, pudding, frosting, whipped cream, cake batter and etc) - Clown VS 30 Simple Cream Pies - Baker gets Destroyed by Cake - 4 Pies and 2 Buckets of Slime - Something involving a costume- Le...Report
Chocoman  7/16/23
Congrats on Wammer of the Day!Report
Slapdash WAM  7/11/23
If you'd like to give me something messy to do, and follow instruction: I currently have limited resources, so if you have something you'd like for me to try, leave a comment that I can reply to so we can DM and figure out what I would be capable of getting done. Trust me, I've been WANTING to make myself a giant mess.Report
Slaps  12/2/22
Awesome job with your Halloween Clown Pictures!!Report
horslvr  8/9/19
nice profileReport
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