N.J. town very close to NYC
Nov 6
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Hi I'm Sean and gay. I love Being Green Slimed, gunged And Pied. I do this by myself or with other guys. My WAM fetish was awakened when I saw You can't do that on television growing up. I'M here for IN person WAM sessions with guys where we both get messy. Sex is possible. I'm friendly and am also here to make friends and also I'm here to make in person sessions happen if we click. We will obviously talk to get to know each other But I'm looking to get slimed and pied in person. If you want me as a pie target bring it on! I very much want to be tied up and slimed and pied. You have a Stockade setup or gunge tank? Put me in there and Trash me with food gunge, natrasol and real cream pies!! Put me on a leash , handcuff me and I will be your obedient Gunge boy / slut puppy as long as IM rewarded with pies And Buckets of Slime. I'M for real and very serious.
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From Sean Gunge  25 days ago
Who wants to slime a Hobbit this summer?Gay men Im availabe!
From Sean Gunge  25 days ago
whi wants to slime a hobbit this summer?Gay men Im available
From Sean Gunge  5/23/18
Looking for slime and pie sessions with gay men.Sex possible
From Sean Gunge  5/23/18
Looking for slime and pie sessions with gay men sex included
From Sean Gunge  5/22/18
Looking to get slimed and pied by a man who thinks Im cute
From overall  5/20/18
Quick is good!
From Sean Gunge  5/16/18
Looking to sit and just get slimed and pied by another guy.
From Sean Gunge  5/14/18
Want to be slimed and pied humiliatingly in public by a man
From Sean Gunge  5/14/18
Dreaming of having a guy slime and pie me in public and im o
From Sean Gunge  4/24/18
Need to be slimed and pied soon. Guys I will slime/pie you.
From Sean Gunge  4/23/18
Looking to get slimed and pied in nj/ny area by gay man.
From Sean Gunge  4/21/18
Pied in leather vest here and motorcycle jacket on YouTube!
From Sean Gunge  4/21/18
I am pied in leather vest in videsee me
From jmbjr  2/15/18
what part of new jersey do you live?
From Sean Gunge  1/10/18
New status: Check out my First U.M.D video and let me know what u think.
From Sean Gunge  12/21/17
New status: My first UMD video is UP!! Tell me what you think please!
From pieguy446  9/4/17
Cheers mate! Thanks for the follow< hope to someday arrange something with you!
From Sean Gunge  9/4/17
Thanks aussiesplosh, maybe one day your hot self will be sliming and pie ing me!
From Sean Gunge  6/23/17
Nice guy looking to get slimed with other NYC guys.
From Sean Gunge  6/21/17
New status: Nice guy wondering why no guy in nyc wants to slime me
From Sean Gunge  5/12/17
New status: Let your cares go, just say I don't know and get slimed
From Sean Gunge  5/11/17
New status: Let your cares go, just say "I don't know" and get slimed
From Sean Gunge  4/27/17
New status: any gay guys available to pie me today ? Not kiddi
From Sean Gunge  3/14/17
New status: Gay man who loves YCDTOT SLIME and REAL CREAM PIES
From Sean Gunge  2/4/17
New status: You like slime and pies?You like sessions?I'm gay
From Sean Gunge  2/4/17
New status: GWM
From Binnay  1/9/17
No worries dude
From Sean Gunge  1/6/17
New status: Any guys need a target? I'm available and obiedanant
From kevin57  1/3/17
Love your pics wish I was on the same side of the pond as you.
From Sean Gunge  11/17/16
Any guys up for a slime and pie session soon please? I really need to get trashed. I DON'T KNOW what else to Say? I'm gay and looking for other Gay guys.
From suits_me_wet  11/1/16
Love your suit and tie gunge pics!
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