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Men are so beautiful.
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I love body paint! I started a profile on here to see if I could convince guys to paint their bodies for me! I'll paint mine in return ;). I only like body paint and mud. I don't like thick and messy gunge because you can't even see the person behind it when it's all thick and sloppy so it's like you're masturbating to a pile of slop and not a human! That's why it has to be a thin layer of mud or paint for me to get off to it.

I might also like to meet someone who is near my area, Indiana. If anyone is interested in meeting up please let me know!
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From messyfireman  12/12/16
haha wow! I am 28...not quite a minor, I just look really young. And that is an older picture. Maybe I need an update
From Bodypaintguy  9/27/16
I've had like thirty people on here say that they wanted to meet me and then make plans and everything and then drop out at the last minute and all without notice (-_-)....why do people on here trick me like that?
From Bodypaintguy  7/30/16
I just now fixed the grammatical error in my profile message. Why didn't anyone tell me about it after all of this time?!?!?!? It's like no one reads my profile.............
From Bodypaintguy  1/31/16
Hi I'm lonely . Someone please send me a private message on here so that I have someone to talk to.
From SlimeFox  12/5/15
Hey! I couldn't reply to your forum post for some reason, but just wanted to hop in and say Hi from here in Louisville :3
From cbhpies86  8/7/15
If you look at the actual albums, you can easily figure out that with an album titled, "Sara's first time," she is just a model, and the profile pic is me.
From MessyOZ  7/28/15
Hey Bodypaintguy, sorry mate i dont have any m/m sex sorry.
From AbsorbMe  5/2/14
What's up goober. Let's plan a meet soon.
From jilly  2/28/14
Nope, not a "model," just a "wamster" ^_^ But thank you so much, you sweet thing. Of course I love YOUR pictures because I'll always have a sweet spot for body paint ;) It's in the top 5 of my favorite substances.
From jilly  2/26/14
Thank you so much That means a lot. You have really awesome taste so getting a compliment from you is great ^_^ I do love that dress SO MUCH.
From Mr Mitchell  7/17/13
This just in......... No
From Bodypaintguy  7/8/13
I'm more of a body paint kind of guy . Although mud would be easier to wash off? My arm and torso were stained pink after I washed off my purple paint!
From 39553  7/6/13
Thanks for adding mate, and thanks so much for reading, you can have my accent, i hate it lol
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