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Ariel Andrews
Aug 2
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18 ½ years
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15 hours ago
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wambabes UMD Store is now open!

'm available for customs videos! E-mail or private message me to discuss your fantasy messy or wet scene.
If you'd like to talk to me about anything please send messages to my email - arielwambabes at

I've been a messy/wet model here on UMD since 2000, I love it!

My download stores are - and

You can also get messy in person with Jayce and I, we love doing private wam sessions! Message me for details!
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From Ariel  Friday
Thanks for the well wishes guys Had kinda a rough week, but don't like to talk about negative/bummer type stuff on umd......but it was nice to come on my profile wall and see nice messages so thank you!
From FoamyFremen  Wednesday
Thank you for the well wishes Ariel, yes feeling better today, still trying to fight off this crappy cold. I appreciate the thought.
From Jason_K416  Tuesday
I just noticed that too Hooter! Happy V day!
From hooter  Tuesday
Wow Ariel you went back to back with the WOTD. And on Valentines day no less.
From FoamyFremen  Tuesday
Hey Ariel, thanks for the creamy shampoo, felt good on this morning of not feeling so good.
From FoamyFremen  6 days ago
Hi Ariel, thanks for the awesome 50% off sale today, gave me a chance to catch up on some vids. You and Jayce looked amazing.
From hooter  6 days ago
Congratulations on the WOTD Ariel you really deserve this.
From NormanMabeld  6 days ago
Congrats on a very well-deserved WOTD! I love your new profile pic, too!
From tazboys  7 days ago
Congrats to are favorite WAM GIRL being WOTD
From jurning  7 days ago
Congrats being WOTD !!!
From hooter  9 days ago
What a sweet new profile pic.
From gopher1  9 days ago
Love the avatar
From tazboys  10 days ago
Nice avatar pic but the x rated mud avatar is still the best. Watch that movie all the time.
From Ariel  10 days ago
New status: Had to add the new avatar pic, made me feel warm &
From Jayce  10 days ago
From tazboys  10 days ago
That would be fun be with ARIEL WAM PARTY FAVORITE
From Ariel  19 days ago
New status: Good afternoon UMD!
From Ariel  25 days ago
New status: Taking custom orders for Ariel Jayce and Sadie!
From Ariel  26 days ago
New status: At Jayce's filming wetlook customs!!!
From fishbeer  1/1/17
A very happy New Year from me too )
From hooter  1/1/17
Happy New Years Ariel!
From Nicky19999  12/14/16
Hi Ariel - Huge fan of your work First subscribd to WanBabes about 2003 - you and Messy Girl - Leah and Jayce and Jilly, of course, are the best ever. Kind reagrds Nick
From tazboys  12/12/16
The X rated video was your best so far. Mud, Toy, Dirty talk. What could be better. Wish I had thought of it and had the money
From coach  12/10/16
I think you are amazing ariel, and I REALLY like the cut abs, wow what a transition I just ordered your oil vid and was blown away, your are the most stunning woman her
From Ariel  12/9/16
New status: I love you Jayce!!!!
From Ariel  12/7/16
New status: Taking custom video orders!
From MessyWeeb  11/25/16
Thanks for accepting my friend request
From hooter  11/22/16
Beautiful profile pic Ariel. ;)
From Ariel  11/22/16
New status: 50 cans of shaving cream FREE for customs! Message
From Jerry23  11/22/16
Wow! Please many many shaving cream and many many orgasm under the shaving cream! I love it! You are perfect!!!
From FoamyFremen  11/22/16
Mmm, thanks for the Shaving Cream love, you sweet foamy lady.
From Ariel  11/13/16
New status: Skype with Lux & I Mon. & Tues. - arielwambabes@gm
From Ariel  11/12/16
New status: Ariel & Lux Clay Customs this week! Message me!
From Ariel  11/8/16
New status: The WAMbabes UMD Messy download store is now open!
From MrMightyMonkey  11/3/16
Loving the new videos Ariel keep the shaving cream pies coming lol
From FoamyFremen  11/2/16
WOW!! Ariel, I LOVED the new video, just awesome. You need to get Jayce to get foamy with you. Awesome work.
From yeahuno  11/1/16
I definitely would love to see the same outfit all soak and wet just like Wet in white mentioned!
From PieSlinger88  10/30/16
Stunning profile pic, Ariel!
From wetinwhite  10/29/16
Beautiful profile pic, I would love to see the same outfit all wet. I loved the way you tucked your shirt in, you are a beautiful woman.
From yeahuno  10/28/16
Love your new profile pic!

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