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I'm doing Sype Sessions now! Message me for details!

Attention! It's summertime & that means it's Mud Season! My best friend Jayce & I will be doing mud customs at our big outdoor mud pit for as long as the mud is good and weather permits! If you're interested in having us do a scene for you, please e-mail me at arielwambabes at

I'm always available for customs videos! E-mail or private message me to discuss your fantasy messy or wet scene.
If you'd like to talk to me about anything please send messages to my email - arielwambabes at

Hi! My name is Ariel. I've been a messy/wet model here on UMD since 2000, I love it!

My sites are - and
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From skintightwetjeans  17 days ago
Very hot and sexy Ariel love seeing you soaking wet fully clothed
From flyboy  8/25/16
Glad to see you are on. Saw about the tornados in Indiana and thought of you
From hooter  8/22/16
Congrats on the WOTD. It seems like it's been a while. And now it's about time and well deserved!
From CreamSi  8/22/16
Congrats on WOTD
From tazboys  8/22/16
Ariel long time not WOTD
From Ariel  8/20/16
New status: Skype sessions this coming week - message me!
From Ariel  8/16/16
New status: Have time for solo customs this week, message me!
From Egils  8/14/16
Have a nice day
From Ariel  8/11/16
New status: Message me about private wam sessions!
From Ariel  8/11/16
New status: Cart full of food, 2 sessions this weekend!
From Ariel  8/10/16
New status: Solo custom sale - kids are back to school yesss!
From mani  7/31/16
more mud from You.....pls
From Jason_K416  7/18/16
Thanks for the friend lady!
From c2393m  7/17/16
looking amazing in profile pic
From HelloDali  7/6/16
Love the new profile pic!
From NormanMabeld  7/4/16
So good to see you back, Ariel!
From flyboy  7/3/16
That profile picture is sexy
From Ariel  6/29/16
New status: Hey yall! Dipping my toes in the mess, I'm back!
From mhalver  3/25/16
Will that Nutella video be in your store? It looks so incredible!
From mago  3/12/16
Do I see Nutella ?
From Ariel  2/23/16
New status: customs in the infinity tub this week! message me
From CARLO GONZO  2/18/16
Ariel... I am waiting for more custom videos from you... when you have time. Seriously... anyone looking for an amazing custom video, look no further than Ariel. Her beauty and custom video quality will blow you away. The price is excellent. You are in for a treat. Seriously. Nothing else matters anymore. I found perfection and beauty <3
From Ariel  2/12/16
Snow day in with the mess for this milf today!
From Ariel  2/1/16
New status: Ariel & MyPieRogative customs! Message me!!!
From Ariel  1/27/16
New status: An Ariel & MyPieRogative collar in the works?!!!!
From Ariel  1/26/16
New status: slaying my inbox this morning. It's scary in here
From NormanMabeld  11/18/15
Congrats on WOTD, Ariel! You and Jayce have been putting out so much lately, ...umm, I mean putting out so many great vids ....(Lol!). You two have just been humming along (is that a Hitachi reference? Lol!)
From hooter  11/18/15
Yet another WOTD. Keep them a coming Ariel.
From NormanMabeld  11/1/15
Well, congrats again, Ariel! You've posted so much GREAT stuff the last couple of days, it's an embarrassment of riches!
From Ariel  10/31/15
New status: Happy Halloween! Have fun tonight! Love yall!
From hooter  10/24/15
WOTD congrats to you Ariel ! You really "stacked" the deck with 2 great entries.
From NormanMabeld  10/24/15
Congrats on WOTD, Ariel! You posted some fantastic stuff today!
From Ariel  9/21/15
New status: I'm back to doing customs, message me!
From yeahuno  8/3/15
Ariel, You did an excellent job on a custom wetlook shoot for me!
From hooter  8/3/15
Happy birthday and best wishes!
From Bardiel0192  8/2/15
Happy birthday!
From deadpool  8/2/15
Happy birthday! ^_____^
From KayleeKat  8/2/15
Happy birthday
From Pie Slave  7/20/15
I love your new profile picture.. Very Sexy ;)
From bennka  7/19/15
Hi, just wateched your wet dress, sinfull orgasm video. Great ! Donīt know why nobody do that, but think these kind of Outfit is perfect for actionīs like that. ??? Thankīs for the last video!

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