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Aug 2
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wambabes and DrenchMe and ArielsFetish dot com
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Hi! I am available for customs videos! E-mail or private message me to discuss your fantasy messy or wet scene.
If you'd like to talk to me about anything please send messages to my email - arielwambabes at gmail.com

I've been a messy/wet model here on UMD since 2000, I love it!

My download stores are - wambabes.com drenchme.com and http://Ariel.umd.net

You can also get messy in person with Jayce and I, we love doing private wam sessions! Message me for details!

My Twitter - @Ariel_wambabes
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From Ariel  Friday
Jayce's New BJ Vid Now Up @ Ariel.umd.net
From Ariel  Thursday
Riley's 1st Savory Gunging - wambabes.com
From Ariel  6 days ago
ArielsFetish.com - New site w/ our nonwam fetish videos!
From Ariel  11 days ago
Schoolgirl Panty Fill now up @ wambabes.com
From Ariel  15 days ago
Riley gets her first pieing! wambabes.com
From Ariel  15 days ago
50% off sale!
From AMWorigins  15 days ago
Happy wotd! Great work!
From Jayce  15 days ago
happy wotd!!!! yaaaaayyyy!! about damn time!!
From Ariel  22 days ago
New Video - New Girl Riley "Tar" & Feathers
From Ariel  25 days ago
New Catsuit Vid Up! wambabes.com
From Potatoman-J  26 days ago
Wow, that profile pic!
From Jayce  28 days ago
ill be there tomorrow afternoon or tuesday!! wooooot!!!
From Ariel  29 days ago
Take Custom Orders Now!
From soppingjeans  29 days ago
Love the new hair! ;)
From tazboys  1/20/18
Now that is one hot picture of you. Can only help we see the outcome of the messy session and cleanup after
From Ariel  1/18/18
I can't wait for mud season!
From Ariel  1/16/18
New status: Follow my twitter - @Ariel_wambabes
From Office Guy  1/12/18
Wow, you are nearly here 20 years and you look as amazing as day one x
From hooter  1/1/18
Happy New Year Ariel!
From Whitestar  12/25/17
Thanks for the loves and/or comments on the MyPieRogative Christmas posts
From hooter  12/22/17
WOTD, couldn't think of a more deserving person! Congratulations Ariel.
From Potatoman-J  12/22/17
Congrats on WOTD!
From tazboys  12/22/17
There she is again are favorites Wamer WOTD
From Ariel  12/15/17
New status: wambabes.com Panty Filling! Filming Today!
From Ariel  12/14/17
New status: DrenchMe.com
From tazboys  12/12/17
So have you seen her butt in the pool Jeans, flannel, boots OMG
From Navy  11/30/17
Nice picks in the shower try it next time with a scarf on x
From Potatoman-J  11/23/17
OOOH!!! Happy Thanksgiving AND WOTD!!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!
From Ariel  11/23/17
New status: 50% off my UMD store today, thanks for WOTD!
From tazboys  11/23/17
To are favorite wam girl. Weather it's messy or wet, she looks good what ever she wears. WOTD
From tazboys  11/4/17
Good looking Avatar the famous Red Polo Shirt,, White Jeans. The go to outfit to welcome a newbie to WAM. Messy and wet all in a first time
From tazboys  11/1/17
Is those bright pink legging they same for gunk video. Thr pool vido at the hotel. Still looks great on that hot body of yours
From tazboys  10/15/17
The red Polo shirts looks great braless. Still like you in red wet. But the best area that I am now starting to like is with you on all 4. The wet jeans with you butt toward us. Looks good to eat or hump either one would be fun.
From Ariel  10/10/17
New status: www.DrenchMe.com
From RevSlymsford  10/5/17
Thanks for the Congrats...and belated Congrats on your victory yesterday. I couldn't have followed a nicer wammer into the honour. Thanks again
From tazboys  10/4/17
Are favorite wamer IS WOTD. But with a picture of you in the famous mud pit who would not have you
From hooter  9/9/17
Love that sexy profile pic Ariel.
From doughman1967  9/5/17
Ariel you and JAYCE and that new girl should play dunking game here you tell them a topic what your thinking about where they guess what your thinking of and if they are wrong you dunk them and if they are right you flip them and switch sides where the other person thinks of something and the other girl gets dunk.
From tazboys  8/21/17
Nice looking party dress. Need to find more sexy panties garter nylon combation. Sorry Cowboys beat the Colts Saturday lol
From FoamyFremen  8/7/17
Happy Birthday Ariel, hoping you have a foamy fun WAM filled day , and thank you for the foamy wedgy(felt SO good ). Hugs
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