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Custom videos next week! We are staying in the swanky hotel suite w/ the infinity tub and the big shower!
I can do solo customs, customs with Jenna, or customs with a sexy guy I have available now!
E-mail me - arielwambabes at gmail dot com
or use the UMD message system!

My new download store is open - - Classic photo sets from when was a members site with almost exclusively photo sets! These photo sets have been hid away in my closet for years on discs! I am pulling them all out now and putting them up for download! More added every day!

Hi! I am available for customs videos! E-mail or private message me to discuss your fantasy messy or wet scene.
If you'd like to talk to me about anything please send messages to my email - arielwambabes at

I've been a messy/wet model here on UMD since 2000, I love it!

My download stores are - and

You can also get messy in person with me! Jewel and Jayce are available to do sessions with us as well! we love doing private wam sessions! Message me for details!

My Twitter - @Ariel_wambabes
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Ariel  Thursday
booking private Wam sessions! Messageme!   Edit  Report
soppingjeans  7 days ago
Hey Ariel. Did you get my email?   Edit  Report
Navy  7 days ago
My dream jump in there with you two in my uniform   Edit  Report
Ariel  7 days ago
sex customs tomorrow in the infinity tub - message me!   Edit  Report
soppingjeans  11 days ago
Check your email please!!!   Edit  Report  16 days ago
Ariel, the legend. Much respect!!   Edit  Report
Ariel  18 days ago
taking custom orders! have lots of models to choose from!   Edit  Report
Ariel  21 days ago
The Pool Is Open! Email for customs   Edit  Report
hooter  26 days ago
Sweet lord your new profile pic is......    Edit  Report
Potatoman-J  27 days ago
Wow...dat profile pic...    Edit  Report
Ariel  28 days ago
we're going to Vegas! Email me for private session info!   Edit  Report
Ariel  4/19/19
Message me for private Wam sessions!   Edit  Report
Ariel  4/11/19
message me about private sessions -   Edit  Report
Ariel  4/10/19
follow me on Twitter! - @Ariel_wambabes   Edit  Report
Ariel  4/9/19
New Site - Classic Wambabes Pic Sets -   Edit  Report
Ariel  4/6/19
Message me about private Wam sessions! Let's get messy!   Edit  Report
Ariel  4/6/19
I Wammed in Public Today! So Fun! Video coming soon!   Edit  Report
Ariel  4/4/19
50% off All of Jilly's videos @ - limited time   Edit  Report
Ariel  4/3/19
Jilly videos are 50% off now @ - limited time!   Edit  Report
Ariel  4/2/19
50% off all Jilly videos at for limited time!   Edit  Report
tazboys  4/2/19
Great new web sight. Remember those girls..   Edit  Report
joaquin  3/30/19
My love you has a new profil and is so cute , congratulations because when i see that picture you look great as a beautiful flower. Stay cute.   Edit  Report
Ariel  3/30/19
We're booking private messy sessions! Message me 4 details   Edit  Report
hooter  3/29/19
A well deserved congratulations on your WOTD.   Edit  Report
Potatoman-J  3/29/19
Congrats!   Edit  Report
Ariel  3/28/19
Jewel is getting active on UMD - everybody WAM her-wam party   Edit  Report
MSMystique  3/27/19
Thank you, Ariel, for the friend request. I've been an admirer of you and your work for many years. I hope Jewel gets lots of wam love.    Edit  Report
Ariel  3/27/19
Jewel Got her umd profile! Everybody please Wam her!   Edit  Report
Ariel  3/24/19
I'll be skyping tomorrow, message me about wam skype w/ me   Edit  Report
Ariel  3/19/19
Taking swimming pool customs now for all our girls!   Edit  Report
Potatoman-J  3/18/19
The new profile pic is amazeballs!   Edit  Report
Ariel  2/22/19
Contact me about private WAM sessions w/ me and Jayce!   Edit  Report
hooter  2/15/19
Happy belated Valentine's day.    Edit  Report
Potatoman-J  2/12/19
You are looking amazing as usual!    Edit  Report
Ariel  2/12/19
New video in my wetlook store! Jeans + t-shirt!   Edit  Report
MSMystique  2/10/19
Cute profile pic and very sexy panties.    Edit  Report
Ariel  2/7/19
New Mud Wrestling Vid in my UMD Store!   Edit  Report
Ariel  1/30/19
Jayce and I have new wetlook vids out @   Edit  Report
Ariel  1/27/19
New Vika video up now! Savory huge mess!!   Edit  Report
Ariel  1/15/19
rolling in the mud feels good on hot summer days   Edit  Report
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