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All you need is shaving foam ! Who want to play ?
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Chat with friends and roleplay with others
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45 years old, single gay. I like to piss and fill shaving foam in my underwear since I'm a teenager.

I discovered this site and I come back to the WAM with great pleasure. I had tested the food a few years ago without further action.
I particularly like being covered with shaving foam, naked, in speedo or boxer.
I also like mountain biking after a downpour to get my bike suit full of mud. I rinse the bike and me in the car wash, then I end up taking a shower wearing it.
I also like the soapy shower in speedo or boxer sometimes in wetsuit.
But the best shower is the one I take at the car wash !!!

I want to explore this universe, discover new sensations with new ingredients. I am quite a player so do not hesitate to challenge me!

I practice alone because I am rather shy but do not hesitate to leave me a message. (Some difficulties in English but google helps me translate )
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Profile Wall
Costard91  8/15/23
SALUT Tu aimes le wet en costume cravate ?Report
PIT76  5/16/21
Who play messy quizz with me ?Report
Navy  5/16/21
Love your profile pick covering your horny large knotted tie id love to pour that stuff all over my uniform inside and out or my ties and jumpers what a turn onReport
striphard  3/4/20
Salut. Moi aussi pas depuis longtemps sur ce site. J aime bien tes vids et photos... Je pratique aussi. Mais je ne me film pas trop...j aime plut plan extieur sous la pluie..dans l eau ou la boue...enfin dend du temps...et de mes envies. Bravo encore et si te dis, laisse moi un message... Report
Slaps  1/21/20
Thanks for the add !Report
Piemel  9/17/18
Great messy videosReport
levifetish  7/2/18
You're so sexy in your gunged Levis~!Report
mudfkr  4/22/18
So handsome.Report
PIT76  3/2/18
Looking for messy suggestions !!!Report
PIT76  2/14/18
Iím a newbie, who want hazing me ?Report
PIT76  2/13/18
Another messy evening !Report
PIT76  2/13/18
Don't ask me why I smell the strawberry cake ...Report
PIT76  2/13/18
Don't eat the food, just put on you, it should !Report
PIT76  2/12/18
Another messy evening !Report
PIT76  2/12/18
Yesterday, I definitely ruined a pair of white HugoBoss boxers !Report
Messyflyboy  2/12/18
Hope soReport
PIT76  2/12/18
Sunday was messy, will Monday be messier ?Report
PIT76  2/7/18
need a humiliating mess !!!Report
PIT76  2/6/18
Looking for new messy ideas !Report
Pissed  2/6/18
oh wow t'es hot Report
PIT76  2/4/18
Sunday gunge shower and messy shampoo !Report
PIT76  2/4/18
Like a desire for messy shampoo, today ...Report
PIT76  2/3/18
I did it !Report
PIT76  2/3/18
Doing the challenge: total shaving foam gunge annihilationReport
PIT76  2/2/18
Looking forward to doing the next messReport
PIT76  2/2/18
Another Wam Day...Report
PIT76  2/1/18
It was a Messy Day !!!Report
PIT76  2/1/18
I prepare the next messy session for this evening !Report
PIT76  1/31/18
Wam more time...Report
PIT76  1/31/18
First cam to cam this evening !!!Report
PIT76  1/26/18
Foam time is fun timeReport
PIT76  1/25/18
a day without shaving foam is a lost dayReport
PIT76  1/22/18
looking forward to be in FebruaryReport
PIT76  1/22/18
February is approaching and I will be back home soon, I am preparing everything I need to be messy. Shaving Foam, Cream, Jlube, Beans, Pasta, Ketchup and more! I can not wait to share this with you !!!Report
PIT76  1/15/18
New status: Have to do the "Messy Hot Potato" daresReport
Binnay  1/14/18
Thanks for the add Report
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