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Hello Everyone!

My name is Josh, I'm a 25-year-old proudly Bisexual guy. Although I swing more to guys when getting messy, I would love to play with wam with women too. I've been obsessed with WAM for quite a while. I love a good pie to the face, cake to the face, slime/gunge over the head, as well as whipped cream, custard, glazing, and other sweet stuff! I'm not so much into shaving cream since it's not safe to eat (in case it gets in the mouth), it doesn't feel the same as whipped cream, and I feel an irritation around the eyes when I've used shaving cream pies.

Im primarily into the humiliation/role-play aspect with most of my experience as a sub or in mutual play. I love having role-play discussions online, reading WAM stories and seeing WAM art too.

Some of the scenes I love the most are birthdays, clowns, stooges, surprises, forced WAM play (which includes bondage), and others.

I'm also into wearing silly outfits as a part of the humiliation/embarrassment. Clown outfits, sissy outfits, maid outfits, baby outfits, and others. I especially love it if the outfit is chosen for me without my input, and I have to wear it.

A huge part of the fetish for me is the goofy embarrassment, humiliation and loss of control involved. Getting forced into a silly outfit, tied up (and can't escape), and obliterated with pies and cakes for another person's amusement (they have a good time laughing, teasing me verbally, and physically (with WAM)). It's so humiliating when people smear gooey pies in my face and laugh at me! I'm mainly interested in being on the receiving end of the mess and not having the ability or opportunity to get revenge or even the score, but just have to take it.

Scenarios, where I'm getting put in my place, are also my favourites. I love predicament situations where I'm forced to choose between two humiliating scenarios and made to believe that one scenario is better than another, but in reality, it's worse. Being put in a position where it seems like I have a way out but in reality, no matter what I do, it means I'm getting messy would also be so much fun.

While I am a big sub, I also enjoy mutual play very much as well as being the dom when those moods strike me.

I'm also into dunk tanks, stocks/pillory, inflatable pools, gunge tanks (the ones where the gunge falls from above), and pretty much every aspect of wam play lol.

I'm also into many other kinks such as:
-Leashes and Collars
-Pup play
-Blindfolds and hoods
-Playful bullying
-Some toys (butt plugs, magic wands, gags)

I like to consider myself open-minded. There are many kinks I'd like to try like:
-Furry suits
-Sensory deprivation
-Some gear (leather, rubber, PVC)
(Not an exhaustive list)

I would never judge a kink. I live in worry about mentioning WAM to someone who knows nothing about it (as someone on the outside looking in), so never be afraid to tell me about a kink you may be ashamed of. I may or may not be into it or open to trying it, but I will never judge.

However, my limits are:
-sex (penetrative)
-pain (paddling/flogging, etc.)
-race play

I am also not into large age gaps. A respectable difference of 10-15 years older is all I would be comfortable with.

I also have a WAM blog on Tumblr (piesareus), maybe you've heard of it! If not, feel free to check it out

Visit my Fetlife if you're interested! https://fetlife.com/users/10364606

I ask that you respect my privacy and the content I post here. I don't mind if it is shared on other WAM platforms, but please seek permission before doing so.

I don't get to play as much as I would like, however, I fully intend to engage as much as I can!

I live in the Toronto area and if you're nearby, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

I also love to hear from people in other parts of the world! So basically no one should hesitate to message me
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