Northeast Pa
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15 days ago
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13 ½ years
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I'm here to:
Chat with friends, roleplay with others, and find others interested in meeting up
My likes:
applesauce, foam, pastries, batter, food, lotion, peanut butter, beans
About Me:
love getting messy in anything, hit me up looking for buddies to get messy with. So hit me up. No fakes or lurkers who say they will meet up but dont respond to messages.
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Profile Wall
FilthyGungeLover33  1/5/19
Was going to gunge but amazon failed on getting my half of the gunge I ordered here on time.Report
TheWetBrothers  1/2/19
Hey, thanks for your friend request!Report
FilthyGungeLover33  12/24/18
looking to meet up for some gungingReport
FilthyGungeLover33  11/3/18
why is umd limiting me on photo space?Report
FilthyGungeLover33  11/3/18
Anyone from Pa wanna get gunged?Report
FilthyGungeLover33  11/2/18
new gunging coming soonReport
FilthyGungeLover33  10/26/18
new vids added links belowReport
FilthyGungeLover33  10/21/18
Thanks for ranking my site #14 I am loving it.Report
FilthyGungeLover33  10/13/18
New picts added.Report
FilthyGungeLover33  10/7/18
new video part 2 https://youtu.be/Q1ckWw1ozzwReport
FilthyGungeLover33  10/7/18
new video part 1. https://youtu.be/x8UAdN2lHf4Report
FilthyGungeLover33  10/6/18
going to get trashed again today or tomorrow.Report
FilthyGungeLover33  10/1/18
Why does UMD suck when it comes to uploading? Cant load any vids I was lucky to get the ones up I have but I have more that need to be up.Report
FilthyGungeLover33  9/30/18
Got trashed. Still smell like molassesReport
FilthyGungeLover33  9/30/18
todays the day. Will be getting completely trashed.Report
FilthyGungeLover33  9/29/18
Sunday cant wait got all the gunge ready. will try to film itReport
FilthyGungeLover33  9/28/18
Looking to gunge this Sunday. Got all the gunge ready.Report
FilthyGungeLover33  6/10/18
Need to get muddy,Report
FilthyGungeLover33  9/20/17
I'm in love with this instant mud.Report
mudtights  6/8/15
Hay lets go muddingReport
Binnay  5/16/15
Thanks for the add Report
mudtights  1/23/15
love to chat with you soonReport
mudtights  1/23/15
what's your name on facebook and yahoo ?Report
mudtights  1/21/15
Hi gungelover glad you like my pics are you on yahoo and facebook ?Report
mudtights  11/9/14
facebook, mudtights and your?Report
mudtights  8/17/14
hay gungelover we should get messReport
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