Newbie Michelle Destroyed with Pies and Gunge
Produced by Reverend Slymsford's Sploshers
"Amazing launch price..first two weeks only"

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Date added:1/07/18
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Umd forum-ite and genuine Wammer, the beautiful Messy_Miss joins the cast at Fully-Clothed WAM (playing the role of Michelle) and is initiated by Maria!

She gets it good!

The setup is that Michelle has come for an interview at the messy office, and of course is therefore dressed to impress, having spent ages on her hair and make-up etc and bought a new outfit for the interview.

Maria then proceeds to show her what they do to staff who don't perform at this office, and Michelle gets hit with multiple pies to the face and hair. Maria uses her finger to scoop a bit of pie filling off Michelle and taste it. "Delicious" she says "try some" and poor Michelle has to scrape a little pie off her face and taste it. Finally Maria says Michelle has had enough pies...Michelle seems relieved till Maria says 'bring on the slime' and Michelle is gunged in gloopy red slime. After the first thorough sliming Maria asks if Michelle thinks she will be able to save the dress:

"I don't know.." says Michelle

uh oh! she gets slimed again...never say those three words near us Michelle!

Now Michelle has been throughly pied and slimed, Maria then moves on to other substances. She uses lemon yoghurt, double cream, trifle, golden syrup and treacle on poor Michelle, before asking Michelle what she thinks

"I'm looking forward to doing it to somebody else" sighs Michelle
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"Rev's Best Work Yet!"
By Hue and Pie  2/10/18

An excellent scene with a truly winning formula of pairing up Michelle with Maria, who are both great actresses, in great outfits.

Rev sticks to what he does best, which is to use a variety of mess in one scene, with the addition of some new and improved pies, which create amazing coverage.

The scene also features a welcome substance and personal favourite which doesnt get seen all too often--a trifle! All in all this is a superb scene and the discovery of Michelle is a wonderful addition to the growing portfolio of models working with Rev, and one which I look forward to seeing more of in the future.

"Awesome coverage!"
By Messy810  1/8/18

The debut of Messy_Miss is excellent. She's clearly a natural at getting messy (her reactions are great!) and the level of coverage is fantastic. You get the lovely Maria dishing it out, too. Definitely worth a purchase.

"Very good"
By noideer  1/8/18

I have seen some of Messy Miss' work in the past and am very happy to report that this scene reflects how amazing she is when it comes to taking the mess like a trooper. A very good concept for a scene and a very good delivery. Hope to see a lot more of Michelle in the future.

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