Monarch Monthly S6 Ep 1: You Don't Want To Miss This!

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"Ana Stripped Bare + Destroyed + Nikki and Terri-Lou Pied: 54 Mins Of Fun"
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Ana Stripped Bare + Destroyed + Nikki and Terri-Lou Pied: 54 Mins Of Fun.

It's the final ever series of Monarch Monthly. Hosts Ivy Rain, Nikki and original host Satine Spark are all back for the fun. In this episode the big big event is an incredible stripping and trashing for Ana (filmed when she was still all natural, as you will only be able to see if you buy the scene... no naked preview pics at model's request!) in the final episode of Groundhog Day (loads of pies, buckets of different coloured slimes, and sprinkles. Pus you get to spy on her in the shower afterwards too). *

But there's so much more too. The Monarch declares Ivy the winner of his 'Grin and Bare It' challenge, so she will get the special prize later in the series. As Nikki lost, she has to strip naked, here and now, and cover herself with cereal and milk. Terri-Lou tries to beat The Monarch and avoid a pieing in Pounds, Panties, Pies: Spoiler... she doesn't avoid the pie!

Plus our popular Milf Sara plays Youth vs Experience, taking on 3 of our youngest models, Myra, Kellie and Nathalie, who get water thrown over them by Sara... she throws water over the girl who she thinks represents the correct answer... and if she's right, the girl has to lose a layer of clothing too.

Amazing value... you don't want to miss this.
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