Jess West Gets Gunged in the A to Z of Food
From Gunge Tank Babes
Starring the following model:
"The Gunge Tank full of Beans,Ketchup, Custard, Pies and Rice pudding"

Join Jess West in our A to Z of food wearing her PVC swimsuit. Jess decides to be clever and asks to do the A to Z backwards to avoid being gunged with beans. Hayley agrees however Jess gets a forfeit of a Pie in the face before she has even started on Z. Jess doesn't do very well and is soon gunged with more pies, tomato sauce and custard. When Jess gets to R she is in for a big surprise as the Gunge Tank is already full of Rice Pudding just waiting for Jess to say Rice. Jess takes the full force of 36 tins of cold rice pudding from the Gunge Tank. Jess's reaction is brilliant as the rice is rather cold!

Jess then goes on to take her PVC swimsuit off revealing her naked body. Jess continues through the alphabet being gunged each time she can't think of a food. When Jess gets to B she again gets the full force of 36 tins of Baked Beans from the gunge tank.

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