Jayce Bond's Messy Interrogation. Double 0 Heaven
Produced by Reverend Slymsford's Sploshers
Starring these models:
File count:1
Total size:481.99 MB
Runtime:10 mins, 43 secs
Scene ID:26853

Jayce Bond captured and interrogated with gunge, pies and cake: You'll be in double Ohhhh heaven!

In this messy film, you see Jayce "Bond" looking for the "secret pie recipe" on paper for her to keep. She is caught in the act by Jilly but manages to hide the recipe. Jilly pounces on Jayce! Next, you see Jayce laid out on the floor. She has been knocked out and is being woken up with water flung on her! Jilly wants that pie recipe and she wants it bad! She wastes no time grabbing Jayce up by her hair and questioning her but Jayce isn't breaking. She has her by her messy bun and shoves her face numerous times into chocolate and green bowls of slime! Each time pulling her up, Jayce out of breath, and Jilly asking her where it is. Jayce does not lose focus. She does not give up. Jilly then decides to pull out the big guns after she has totally destroyed Jayces face and hair. She starts to strip her down to find the recipe and is furious when she finds nothing. Little does she know, Jayce moved the recipe while Jilly was undressing her. Jilly pulls out a pile of huge pies and grabs Jayce, now naked, up by her hair. One by one she slams Jayces face into these pies, each time asking her and with no answer, face-plants another pie right on top of the one before it and shoving her face again! Making a mountain of pie tins and completely covering her! She then drags Jayce to sit up and takes loads more more pies and throws them at Jayce, hoping for her to break. She doesn't but she is getting close! She then pulls out one of Jayce Bonds most hated things...a big giant cake that is not her favourite flavor. She grabs her hair and mushes her face into the cake with the cake surrounding her head like a wreath, totally encased in cake! Finally, Jayce has had enough. She hands over the recipe but it is in code! Jilly is furious and tells Jayce she will get more cake but Jayce is done...she tells Jilly the recipe. As Jilly goes to leave Jayce thinks she is gone and calls her a crude name! Jilly hears it and storms back in! She grabs chocolate and green slime and slimes her completely! Jayce is totally trashed and now her recipe is out!
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