Epic 9 Girl, 32 Minute Restaurant Pie Fight
Produced by Fully Clothed WAM
Starring these models:
"Slymsfords Meets Moomins 1. Includes 15 minute cleanoff bonus"

Slymsford's Sploshers and Mostwam combine for the WAM event of the year.

It's got nine girls..and they all get thoroughly pied! The pie fight scene runs for over half an hour...wow

The 9 girls are Satine Spark and Messy Michelle from Slymsford's, and from mostwam there's Casey, Charlotte, Lisa, Sky, Bobi, and Ania

plus there's a bonus 15 minutes of the girls getting hosed down.

Two of the most trusted names in WAM come together to bring you this unique event.

File count:4
Total size:2 GB
Total runtime:47 mins, 23 secs
Date added:4/12/18
Scene ID:27941

Includes these files:
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14.4 minutes
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13.7 minutes
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12.1 minutes
8,243 Kbps
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7.2 minutes

"Slapstick pie masterpiece"
By ruegger  8 days ago

The Rev has truly outdone himself with this masterpiece. Anyone who is a fan of his work or a fan of slapstick humiliation will love this scene. The girls look amazing and the mess is epic. The slapstick setups and lines are spot on as well. 10/10!

"A "Don't Miss It!" for pie fight fans"
By Bozo1  13 days ago

This was a fantastic video for those that love the tit-for-tat pie fight. The women are gorgeous, as were the camerawork and lighting. Rev says he put alot of time and effort into this and boy, it shows. The pies, a Moonin specialty, are top-notch. And even better, it just wasn't pies! There was porridge, pudding, canned whipped cream, and more. And because of the variety of substances, the girls each looked different covered in the mess. I really enjoyed how the video evolved into a free-for-all with the girls just throwing anything anywhere. Every shot was carefully choreographed and every pie and gunge was captured. The girls really seemed to be enjoying themselves doing the scene, and I am sure you will enjoy this too.

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