40 Foods to Gunge the Girl
Produced by Gunge, Mess, Mud and More
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40 foods to gunge the girl in a two part video. Our messy fun started with Eggs. Why? Well eggs are slimy, they feel great when they drip down your hair, and the egg yolks plop! Rubbing them in Ali's hair caused the yolks to split and run down as a yellow sticky mess. These were also kept in our fridge, pre-cracked and were freezing cold. That initial shock was 'cool'.

From then on, a covering of salad cream squirted from its tube started the real mess, and there was no stopping now, though in the eyes stings quite a bit. The tomato soup next was the beginning of the wonderful colours you see, and the lumpy texture. Tomato soup falls in a beautiful effect. The porridge after was pre-made. Mixed with water to be made perfectly lumpy.

One of the best messy foods is custard, the striking bright yellow and gunge like feeling makes it perfect. Milk is also great for churning all that gunk up, as a liquid, running down your face and bringing the other colours and textures down too.

A bucket load of flour was used for 'plastering'. Flour is great as its very messy and hard to get out of your hair.

For wonderful colours, mixing all these bright colours with Brown Sauce goes well. Double cream works well too, the bright white mixing with brown is a perfect combination.

A sprinkle of hundreds and thousands for fun, and a taste of Raspberry sauce is a nice treat. Baked beans. The lumpy messy food instantly changes the smell, no longer sweet. Olive oil runs down brining the mix of tomato sauce and beans into a big gooey mess.

The stickiest of stickyness, Black Treacle, slowly pours down, its mega sticky and hard to apply. Tomato Sauce and Mushy peas next, this gunge is getting rather smelly and colourful now.

Another pre-arranged mess, chick peas liquidised in their water. Very messy indeed, and very smelly when mixed with all the other foods. To top it off, soggy bread. Mixed and liquidised, extremely sticky. This will be a real task to clean off.

Last of all, a covering of chopped tomatoes. Oh the colour! the textures that run down. Beautiful array of imagination. Time for break, a little fun. Wrapping it all up in toilet paper.

We continue, jelly, lentils, homemade Wholegrain Mustard, fizzy energy drinků And that feels weird!

Chocolate saucespaghetti hoops. What a sight, the tiny hoops spill down covering Ali's face. Then to wash it all off with a Cup of Coffee.

Icing sugar was used to sprinkle on top. Sticky and smelly mixed mash potatoe lumped and splattered on top of her head, and gravy poured down in a terrific scene. The bath is now a flowing river of food. Slippery and smelly.

Cottage cheese tangled in her hair, whilst drinking chocolate powder was sprinted on. A rice pudding mixture sloppy and splattered in, before the worse of the lotů Spaghetti bolognase. Oh what a stink.

Cous Cous, and a two week old rotten banana, is kneaded in.
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